Sometimes a person needs medicines administered which providers staff are not normally trained to give, such as medicines that use specialist or 'invasive' techniques, for example:

  • Administering Injections, including Insulin given via pre - filled PEN devices.
  • Inserting pessaries/ suppositories, etc.
  • Rectal administration of suppositories
  • Administration through a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG)

(Please note this list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive).

These tasks will normally be undertaken by a registered healthcare professional.

There may be occasions where it may be appropriate for providers staff to give such medicines where the administration has been delegated by a registered healthcare professional and is in the best interest of the person.

However, it is at the discretion of the Service Provider to decide whether to undertake these tasks dependent on the following:

  • The service user (or their legal representative with power of attorney for health and welfare as appropriate) consents to a care worker giving this treatment.
  • The skills and abilities of their staff are appropriate.
  • The support, training and competencies are carried out and evidenced by a healthcare professional for each individual Staff member with each individual Service User before any healthcare tasks are undertaken.
  • Joint risk assessments are undertaken with a Healthcare professional.
  • Oversight arrangements are agreed and documented with the Healthcare Professional.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities are agreed and documented by all those involved in providing the support.
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