Kirklees alerts

Kirklees alerts

Web Development - November 2011

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Receive free text alerts or emails on topics or issues that matter to you.

Text alerts for Jobs with Kirklees suspended
Due to the limited number of jobs available and the costs associated with sending out weekly text alerts we have decided to temporarily suspend text alerts for jobs. You can still register for email alerts and look at job adverts at
What is this service?
Kirklees alerts are free messages sent to your mobile phone or email account, telling you about issues that you are interested in. When you register for Kirklees alerts, you can choose which topics you'd like to receive messages about. You will also be able to subscribe to new services as they become available. All the messages are free.
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Text alerts
With 85% of households owning a mobile phone, what better way is there for us to tell you about things you need to know or topics that you are interested in, than by sending you a short message to your mobile phone? Please register here.
Email alerts
Kirklees alerts are also available by email. When you register, you can choose your preferred method of alert, or choose to receive both emails and texts if you prefer.

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