Hepworth War Memorial

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  • Situated In Lych Gate of Hepworth Parish Church, Hepworth Huddersfield
  • The period commemorated is 1914 – 1919 and 1939 – 1945


Hepworth War Memorial
Hepworth War Memorial

Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Hepworth.


The Hepworth War Memorial has one inscription that reads::

In memory of
the supreme sacrifice of the
men of this Parish whose
names are here inscribed
and who fell in the Great
War of 1914 – 1919
in order to preserve the
sanctity of treaties and
the nations honour, the
safety of their homes and
country and liberties
of the World.
This Lych gate is erected by
friends and parishioners
of Hepworth Church

Names and plaques

The period commemorated is 1914 – 1919

  • Cpl. Herbert Kaye RFA
  • Gnr. James Bailey RFA
  • Gnr. Joseph Swallow RGA
  • Pte. Lindley Mellor WYR
  • Pte. Arthur Mellor DWWRR
  • Pte. William Rose DWWRR
  • Pte. Wm. T. S. Smith DWWRR
  • Pte. James Senior DWWRR
  • Pte. Percy Tinker DWWRR
  • Pte. Joseph Battye DWWRR
  • Pte. Norman Holmes WWRR
  • Pte. John Herbert Wagstafe NF
  • Pte. Raymond Tyas Brook NF
  • Pte. Woodhead Haigh NF
  • Pte. Irvin Earnshaw NF
  • Pte. John Mitchell Y & LR
  • Pte. Herman Kenworthy Y & LR
  • Pte. Lewis Hirst Scot RFs
  • Pte. Harry Battye KRR
  • Pte. Joshua Brooke WYR

This stone was added to the memorial to commemorate those who fell in the War of 1939 - 1945

  • O.S. Lewis Brook RN
  • L/Cpl. Harry Cartwright Y & L Regt
  • Gnr. Stanley Cartwright R.A.
  • Cpl. Jack Clarke R.A.F
  • L.A.C. Frank Hellawell R.A.F
  • Gdm. Colin Morgan Colds Gds
  • Gnr. Nathan Tinker R.A.
  • Ptpr. Dixon Walker Para. Regt

Greater love hath no man than this
that a man lay down his life for his friend