Holy Innocents Parish Church War Memorial

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  • This memorial is on the north facing wall of the church near to the alter
  • Holy Innocents Parish Church is situated on Vicarage Road in Thornhill Lees approximately one mile from Dewsbury Town Centre and in close proximity to Savile Town.

    Description - a large wooden memorial plaque detailing the men and women of Holy Innocents Church who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1 and World War 11


Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Holy Innocents Parish Church.


The inscription reads:-:

To the Glory of God
and in grateful
Remembrance of the
Men of Thornhill Lees

who gave their lives
in the service of their
Country during the
Great Wars

Grant them O Lord Eternal
rest and let light perpetual
shine upon them

Names and plaques

1914 - 1918

Arthur Allatt
  • John Wm Armstrong
  • Philip Beaumont
  • Albert Bird
  • Walter Booth
  • Herbert Booth
  • Joe Brook
  • Sydney Brooke
  • James Bulmer
  • John Wm Burton
  • Edward Burton
  • Emmanuel Butler
  • Ramsden Byrne
  • Willie Chapman
  • Ernest Cockburn
  • Arthur Collins
  • Percy Crowther
  • Norman Dennison
  • Ernest Denton
  • Alfred Hy Dixon
  • John By Dixon
Alonzo Driver
  • John Wm Ellis
  • William Be Field
  • Walter Vr Fligg
  • Ernest Greenwood
  • Fred Handley
  • Herbert Harris
  • Sam Hawkswell
  • Herbert Cd Heaton
  • Clifford Holmes
  • John Wm Holmes
  • George Ineson
  • Percy Johnson
  • Harry Johnson
  • Leonard Kendrick
  • George Kershaw
  • Smith Kimmings
  • Thomas Hy Lee
  • George Leuty
  • Charles Machin
  • John Machin
Arthur Mallinson
  • John Hy Marriott
  • Ernest Mason
  • Malcolm Medd
  • Harry Morris
  • John Wm Oakley
  • Howard Oates
  • Reginald Oldroyd
  • Hubert Peace
  • John Rd Pennock
  • William Nn Podmore
  • James Sn Radforth
  • Archie Robinson
  • Isaac Rothery
  • Frank Scott
  • Thomas Scott
  • Nelson Secker
  • Ernest Senior
  • Percy Senior
  • Ernest Smith
  • William Hy Smith
Herbert Smith
  • George Smith
  • Charles Wn Smith
  • Charles Speight
  • Sam Steele
  • Paddy Stones
  • Percy Summerscales
  • Vyner Sykes
  • James Tighe
  • Lewis Tinker
  • Norman Tomlinson
  • Frank Tomlinson
  • William Thompson
  • Willie Wainwright
  • Seth Walker
  • Henry Walshaw
  • Anthony Wear
  • Joseph Wear
  • John West
  • Harold Wilby
  • James Jr Windle

1939 – 1945

Arthur Barnes
Herbert Bedford
Tom Cooper
George Gerald Etchells
Ernest Etherington
Edward Hart
Cyril Hirst
Geoffrey Horner
John Brooks Gascoigne
Ernest Johnson
Geoffrey Leech
James McNally
George Rowley
George Arthur Seabrook
John Richard Walton
Ronald Hardcastle

There is also a bronze plaque in the church in close proximity to the main Memorial with the inscription:-

In Loving Memory of
Brigadier General Frank Wormald C.B
Born 10th February 1868
who was killed in action
Near Hulluch, on
the 3rd October 1915 when in command of the
5th Cavalry Brigade. He was severely wounded on
August 28th 1914 at Cerizy when commanding his
Regiment the X11 Royal lancers. He also served
with distinction in the South African Campaign
1899 – 1902 both with his Regts the X11 Royal Lancers
and in command of a mobile column
He is buried at Nedonchelle in France

Non Immemor
“Till the Day Break”

The following refers to the First World War Memorial detailing St Mary’s Parish Church in Savile Town

1914 - 1919
To the Glory of God and in
Grateful Remembrance of the
Men of Savile Town who gave
their lives in the Great War.
This tablet is erected along with
the side screen in the Chancel.

John Ashworth
  • Harry Barclay
  • Leonard Batley
  • Thomas Bennett
  • William Benson
  • Ernest Blamires
  • Edgar Bowyer
  • Joseph Bowyer
  • Sydney Brooke
  • George Cartwright
  • Lewis Cowling
  • Garnett Crawshaw
  • Harold Evans
  • James Ewart
  • Robert Ewart
  • William Ewart
  • John Ferguson
  • John Goddard
  • Norman Goddard
  • Charles Hall
Thomas Harper
  • Sam Hawkswell
  • Thomas Hemingway
  • Joseph Horsley
  • Clarence Ingham
  • Arthur Johnson
  • Fred Johnson
  • Thomas Kitson
  • William Langley
  • Leonard Lee
  • Stanley Lee
  • Arnold Lightfoot
  • Arthur Lightfoot
  • Ernest Lightfoot
  • Rowland Littlewood
  • George Markham
  • Ben Morton
  • Fred Morton
  • John Myers
  • Arthur Oates
Arthur Oldroyd
  • Joseph Pickard
  • Harry Pickles
  • Sam Pickles
  • Stanley Politt
  • Fred Scarry
  • Robert Scott
  • Max Skelsey
  • Charles Stead
  • Archie Sugden
  • Arnold Swinthenbank
  • Thomas Thompson
  • Joseph Watson
  • Joe Webster
  • Orlando Walker
  • Percy Walker
  • Ernest Whitaker
  • Wilfred Whitaker
  • Herbert Wragg
  • Simpson Wragg

Mine eyes look upon such, as are faithful in the land
and they may dwell with me
Psalms CL

1939 – 1945
To the Glory of God and in grateful remembrance of the men
and women of Savile Town wh`ected together with the centre
light in the above window.
requiescat in peace

David Asquith
Teddy Bratt
Rex Castle
Joseph Douglas
Herbert Elsworth
Rennie Firth
Ernest Greaves
Norman Haigh
Granville Hemingway
Herbert Holmes
Thomas Issott
Sam Mallinson
Jack Parlar
Harold Twose
Willie Watson
Jack Wood
Gordon Wright
Harry Wright
Arthur Brewer
Mary Ann Scott
Enid Scott