If you have garden waste that you want to get rid of you can request a brown bin, you can also request a garden waste collection or you can take it to your local household waste recycling centre

Garden waste is not permitted in grey or green bins in Kirklees.

Brown bins

Brown bins are a paid-for service with collections every two weeks that run for ten months of the year, with a winter break in December and January. Subscribers can request up to two standard 240-litre brown wheelie bins to recycle domestic garden waste, like grass and hedge cuttings. All waste collected is composted and used for future growing projects.

There is an annual fee of £38.50 per bin. Kirklees Passport holders will receive a 20% discount.

Brown bin collections are only available to households with a current collection service using a standard grey or green wheeled bin. You can use your brown bin for things like grass cuttings, leaves, and weeds

Find out what you can and can't put in your brown bin: Brown bins

Renew your brown bin


We will contact you by email (if provided) or postcard, 2 weeks before your current subscription ends, with full details on how and when to renew.

Renew your bin

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Request a brown bin


The sign-up window for new subscribers to the service is open until 30 April. There is an annual fee of £38.50 per bin. All new subscribers will receive their bins in May for their collections to start in June.

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need a debit or credit card to make a payment.

Please read the terms and conditions before you request a brown bin.

We are unable to provide a refund once we have confirmed your order.

Request bin

After you've applied

Provided you are eligible for the service we will deliver your bin(s) in May for your collections to start in June

We'll collect the brown bin every fortnight between February and November.

Bin collection dates

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Garden waste collections

If you have a bin bag dustbin collection, or live in a property of multiple occupation like flats, you can ask for garden waste to be collected.

Request a garden waste collection

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

We do not collect soil, rubble, brick, hardcore, paving slabs, stone or ceramics e.g. toilets, sinks and tiles.

We are unable to provide a refund once we have confirmed your order.

Order a collection

After you've applied

We will collect the garden waste from the designated area.

We aim to collect the garden waste within three weeks of placing your order. However, this could take longer depending on the number of orders we are currently processing.

Cost for garden waste collections

£1 per bag with a minimum order of 5 bags and a maximum order of 20 bags (maximum 15 kilos per bag).


Make your garden bloom with your own homemade compost. Grass cuttings, garden prunings, twigs and hedge clippings, shredded paper, cardboard, vegetable peelings, tea bags and egg shells are a few of the items that can all be composted.

Find out more about composting.

Alexa bin collection

Ask Alexa to remind you when your next bin collection is. Further information: Alexa, ask my Kirklees.

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