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About the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The Mayor and her interests

Cllr Gwen Lowe

Gwen is very proud that she is Batley born 'n' bred, born September 1958 in Batley Maternity Home.

Gwen's first school was Manorfield Infants, then Staincliffe Junior School, followed by Batley Girls' Grammar School 1970-77. She proudly admits that she still has her school scarf, beret (complete with Prefect tassel), hymn book and Bible. At the age of 50 she gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Modernisation - you're never too old to study!

She has worked night shifts at Dewsbury District Hospital for over 27 years as an Accident & Emergency Receptionist.

Gwen was very honoured to be first elected in Batley West in 2006 and thoroughly enjoys her role. For many years she was the Chair of both the Area and District Committees. She has sat on many different committees and panels which have included WYCA Transport, Planning, and Community Safety Scrutiny. Her main passions are Environmental and Community Safety so is very passionate about her long standing position as Chair of the Batley Neighbourhood Management Group.

Gwen is involved in many local activities and groups and loves getting her hands dirty - including wading in wellies in a millpond. She is Chair of The Friends of Batley Railway Station which she set up with the late Jo Cox MP. She is also Vice Chair of The Friends of Staincliffe Park where she spent many happy hours as a child.

Gwen's family are the most important people in her life and is always in awe of their amazing support to her. Gwen has been married to Ken for over eight years. She has a daughter Ashleigh, son Joseph and an older brother, David. On March 1st this year Gwen was over the moon when Ashleigh and Nick had their first child Max - Gwen's first grandchild and first great grandchild for her mum Margaret.

"Me Time" is something Gwen doesn't get much of but when she does she loves being with her family, long walks with her daft dog Bentley, narrow boating with Ken, reading, gardening and eating carrot cake.

Gwen really loves meeting people. hearing and seeing what they are doing and is so looking forward to taking on her duties as part of the Mayoral team. It was Gwen's "little girl's dream" to be the Mayor of Batley, so it's an even greater honour to have been nominated for this role to represent not just Batley but the whole of Kirklees Council.

The Mayor of Kirklees and her consort, Councillor Gwen Lowe and Ken Lowe

The Mayor of Kirklees Councillor Gwen Lowe and Ken Lowe
The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mumtaz Hussain and his interests

Deputy Mayor Councillor Mumtaz Hussain

I am very proud to be born and bred in Dewsbury, west. I studied at Ravensthorpe Junior school, and then Westborough High school. All of my family as well as my extended family live in Dewsbury. I am also a self-employed business man in Kirklees. I have been a Taxi driver for over 20 years, and I enjoy working and interacting with local people. I have been married for 30 years, all my children are grown up and are working full-time. I am proud of my family - I have 5 children. Recently I became a Grandfather - one of the happiest moments in my life.

I have enjoyed representing all residents of my ward over the last twelve years as a local councillor, and am privileged to represent the Dewsbury West ward.

I have a young and go-ahead outlook on life, and I take my profession very seriously. It is a privilege to represent the whole of Kirklees as Deputy Mayor, and am excited for the year ahead.

The Deputy Mayor of Kirklees and his Deputy Mayoress, Councillor Mumtaz Hussain and Noreen Hussain

The Deputy Mayor of Kirklees and his Deputy Mayoress, Councillor Mumtaz Hussain and Noreen Hussain
The Mayor's charity appeal

During my term as Mayor I will be supporting 2 charities which are close to my heart - the RSPCA and Kirkwood Hospice

In the perfect end, I am sure most would wish to die at home. I have known families who have not been able to assist relatives to do this. I was listening recently to Radio 4 - an interview with a lady dying form liver cancer who talked about not wanting to be rushed into A&E and die in a beige room. Friends and family had decorated her bedroom her favourite colour of blue - she wanted family and friends to be with her. I want to REACH out to ALL communities to think about the needs of people at the end of their lives and what we can do to help. Ken and I have had many chats with some very special people. I have chosen to support The Community Palliative Care Team in Kirkwood Hospice.

I just LOVE animals! I wanted to be like Dr Doolittle and be able to talk to animals! I've always had a pet (I have a mad Border Collie called Bentley). Pets give you unconditional love. And when you're away from home the house still has a heartbeat. I can't understand why anyone would want to harm an animal. We've met with and seen the love and devotion of some such amazing people. I have therefore also chosen to support the RSPCA

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and organise a charity fundraiser for my Charity Appeal (for both charities). Please contact me at should you wish to discuss any ideas.

The Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor Gwen Lowe

The Mayor of Kirklees Cllr Gwen Lowe

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