It is important that your health and education plays a large part in your life whilst you are in care. We offer advice and support to children and young people for all health and educational needs.


Your education is really important and a good education will help you to be successful in your future. Young people in care may sometimes need extra support to do well in education and the Kirklees Education Support Team are here to help you.

Your Personal Education Plan (you might hear this called a PEP!) helps to make sure that you get the right support with your education. It is really important that you are involved in this plan so it is right for you. Check out the help page which has some tips on how you can get involved.

If you would like help with your education you can speak to your Social Worker, the Designated Teacher at your school or college or you can contact the education support team.


University is a great opportunity to continue your education and study a subject that will help you with your future career. More young people in care in Kirklees are attending university and graduating every year.

As a Care Leaver there is practical and financial support available to help you to attend university. Speak with your Social Worker or Personal Adviser to discuss University as an option for you and make sure that it is included in your Pathway Plan so you receive the support you need.

When attending university as a Care Leaver you may be entitled to:

Education support team

Health support and advice

We offer advice and support to children and young people in care for all your health needs, including your annual health check. We can offer support in a number of ways, meeting one to one, by phone, text or email. We help young people in care to understand medical information so you can make informed decisions about your health.

You can talk to us about:

  • General health concerns
  • Sexual health
  • Substance misuse
  • Stopping smoking
  • Healthy eating
  • Emotional health
  • Phone 01484 221000 - Looked After Children Team
  • Phone 111 - NHS free service if your feeling unwell

Please make sure your social worker is aware of any health matters you may have so they can offer support for you should you need it.

Looked after children nurse team video
What to expect from your health assessment video

If you would like more information on your health and wellbeing, Young Minds can give you advice and support as well as giving you a voice to be heard.