All documents submitted for publication on the Kirklees website must have their document properties filled in.

The document owner, or the agency which produced the document, is responsible for filling the document properties in.

Why document properties are important

  • The Title is what is displayed in a list of search results on Google, other search engines and the Kirklees website search.
  • Keywords help search engines to understand what is in your document. Good keywords raise the profile of your document in search results.
  • The Author field tells the Digital Team who to contact if there is ever an issue with a document.

Where to find document properties

In Office

They are found under File > Info > Properties > Advanced Properties.

How to set document Properties in Word

In Kofax

They are found under File > Info > Description.

In Acrobat

They are found under File > Properties.

How to fill in document properties

The ones to fill in are:


  • Full individual title of the document
  • In plain English
  • Use proper case
  • Not all in capitals
  • No abbreviations
  • No & characters


  • Person or service that produced the document
  • We cannot accept KC, KMC or Kirklees Council as author


  • Comma-separated list of words or phrases that people would use to search the document
  • Don't repeat a keyword
  • Don't repeat a word if it is already present in another word. For instance, the word 'street' already exists in 'streetlights' so doesn’t need repeating.
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