The Electoral Services office is closed to the public.

Please contact Electoral Services either by email or by phone.

Registering to vote

Please apply online: Register to vote

Postal voting

Applications will be processed in advance of the closing date before the 6 May 2021 elections.

More information: Postal voting

Overseas pension attestation

If your enquiry is about an overseas pension attestation, we will endeavour to help. However, you may wish to telephone our offices for the latest advice, due to the fact the current situation is constantly changing.

You can scan a copy and send attestation forms via email or post them to us providing a contact number so that we can discuss the attestation with you.


The Government has confirmed that political parties, candidates, agents and campaigners can undertake COVID-secure campaigning activity for the 6 May 21 elections.

More information: The Government's approach to elections and referendums during COVID-19

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