The annual canvass takes place so that we can make sure the electoral register is up-to-date. It helps us to identify any residents who are not registered to vote so that they can be encouraged to register and notify us of any changes to the household information that we currently hold on the register.

About the canvass

We will be contacting your property by post from 4 July. Please check as you will need to respond if:

  • The letter tells you to do so
  • you need to make any changes or additions the information in the letter

The letters will be addressed to 'The Occupier' as they are about all the eligible residents at a property and not a particular individual.

You must read your letter carefully to check whether you need to respond or not.

If you need to make any changes

Please follow the instructions in the letter about how to respond.

The quickest and easiest way to respond is online via the Household Response Service using the security codes in your letter.

Where no response is received to the first letter sent, a canvass form with pre-paid reply envelope will then be sent in early August. If the letter instructs you to respond and we do not receive a response to the first two letters, we may contact you via telephone or send a canvasser to the property to confirm the information.

If you do not have your form to hand, if you have lost it or if you have any further questions please contact us:

Please remember that adding a new name to the form does not automatically register that individual on the electoral register. As well as responding to the form, they must also register to vote online or complete an invitation to register form.

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