The Community Plus Service works with people in our communities to achieve positive outcomes and help them to remain independent and in control of their lives.

There is no charge for the Community Plus Service. However, there may be a cost to any activity or service you decide to take part in.

Who we help

Why Community Plus
Video introducing Community Plus with Cllr Musarrat Khan.

What does Community Plus mean to you?
Video showing what Community Plus means to members of the community.

Our community coordinators work across Kirklees supporting children and adults of all ages, by jointly exploring with you your current situation and helping you to pursue a healthy and positive lifestyle for the future.

How we can help

Our introduction offer is short term support up to 6 weeks flexibly.

Community Plus opening up connections.
Video showing how we helped Jeremy get out and about.

Community Coordinators help you to identify your strengths, by building valued and trusting relationships. They will:

  • Support people to stay stronger - by identifying their vision for a good life and their plans how to get there
  • Build local partnerships - explore what peer and neighbourhood support and community networking groups there are, and connect individuals to them
  • Focus on building relationships - focus our work in the places that need it the most, and encourage people to do more for themselves.
  • Build a supportive community - establish what local resources are already in existence, including groups and volunteers, and look at ways we can support them and connect them with local people
  • Promote local opportunities - establish where there are gaps in the community and look for opportunities to facilitate new activities.

Kirklees Community Plus introduction

  • If you want to introduce someone to Kirklees Community Plus please fill out this form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes.

Paperclip If you are introducing someone else, you must have the individual's information as well as a reason for introduction.

Apply online

After you've applied

We will contact the person you have introduced and arrange a meeting with them to discuss how we can work with them.

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