Kirklees Council have around 54,000 streetlights on the highway network.

Well maintained street lighting helps reduce crime and improves public safety and our teams work hard to maintain all streetlights across Kirklees. However, lights will stop working sometimes due to faults, damage, or vandalism.

Faulty streetlights will be prioritised and repaired as soon as possible. In some cases, lights are not working due to a fault with the electricity supply and this needs to be repaired by the electricity power provider (Northern Power Grid). Under OfGEM regulations, Northern Powergrid has a target time of twenty-five working days to repair a fault from the day they are notified of the fault. We have no jurisdiction over Northern Powergrid to instruct them to 'fast-track' repairs.

Reporting a faulty streetlight

Use our online form to:

  • report a streetlight
  • check if a streetlight has already been reported to us
  • check the status of existing reports.

Tell us as much detail as you can about the damage. You can upload a photo of the streetlight as well.

Adding yourself as an interested party to an existing report

To log yourself as an interested party on an existing fault, simply select an existing fault and click 'Add'.

Map navigation

You'll need to show us on a map where the streetlight is by clicking to drop a pin.

Map keys

Default Streetlight Icon Green Automatic streetlight - switches on according to daylight levels.

Part night Streetlight Icon Blue Part night streetlight - switches off between 12 midnight and 5 am but will be lit outside these times when dark.

Reported Streetlight Icon Red Reported streetlight - someone has already has reported this streetlight and our Street Lighting Team are working on it.

Closed Streetlight Icon Yellow Repaired streetlight - this was repaired in the last 24 hours.

How to report a streetlight

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclick To complete this form you must tell us:

  • Street name or postcode near the location of the streetlight
  • Lamppost number
  • A description of the exact location, for example:
    • Outside or between certain house numbers
    • Outside the name of a business
    • At a road junction or between two road junctions.
Report a streetlight

After you have reported it

We are unable to respond to a repair request unless you have given the required information.

If you provide your email address, you will:

  • Receive confirmation of your report by email.
  • Receive an update with the report outcome once an action has been taken.
  • If you are an MyKirklees account holder and you choose to provide your details, a record of this report will be saved in your account history.
Urgent faults

We aim to attend urgent faults within two (2) hours or twenty-four (24) hours of being reported depending on the severity of the fault. Urgent faults include:

  • Light casing hanging loose or damaged (Lantern)
  • Inspection cover or door missing and / or wires are exposed
  • Damage or vandalism (e.g., unit has been involved in a road traffic collision and is damaged and / or wires are exposed)
  • Section fault - three (3) or more lights out in a row
  • Leaning (post or street lighting column is not vertical)
Non-urgent faults

We aim to attend non-urgent faults within seven (7) working days of being reported. Non urgent faults include:

  • Light isn't on when others on road are
  • Flashing light or intermittently turning on/off
  • Light on during daylight hours
  • Light is switching on after dusk or later than others on road
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Other ways to report a faulty streetlight

You can call us on Phone 01484 414700 24 hours a day. Remember you will need the reference number from the lamppost so we can easily find it.

Lighting attachments

If you want to attach hanging baskets, banners, posters, signs, or decorations (including festive lighting) to streetlights you need to get an Attachment Licence.

Contact our Street Lighting Team: Email

Energy-saving LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights

We are rolling out LEDs for our streetlights across Kirklees. The light is a more energy efficient white light compared to the older orange glow lights. We can use them to target areas of road and footpath where light is needed, unlike older lights which illuminate whole areas causing light pollution and energy wastage.

LEDs also last for much longer than older lights. They give off virtually no heat and contain no hazardous substances so they are environmentally friendly too.

Once the LED roll out is complete we'll be able to save between 60-80% of energy. Good news for us and the environment.

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