Existing road congestion and air quality issues along with new housing, employment and other development proposed in the emerging Kirklees Local Plan will increase demands on the districts road network.

Below, you will find information on the major transport schemes being developed by Kirklees Council to address these issues:

A62/A644 (Wakefield Road) Link Road Scheme (Cooper Bridge)

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Our public engagement started on 3 December 2018

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Project overview

The Cooper Bridge area of Kirklees suffers from major congestion, particularly during peak times. To address slow journey times and poor air quality we are working with West Yorkshire Combined Authority to make several big improvements in that area.

Because we need such a big change in that area we are currently considering a number of different options. Each option is slightly different, but they all include a new link road.

We are now making these options public and asking for your feedback.

The proposals for the Cooper Bridge area form part of a wider programme of transport improvements across West Yorkshire, being delivered under the West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund.

Exhibition in Huddersfield Library

An unstaffed exhibition, with detailed plans and information.

Date Location
Monday 3 December 2018 to Friday 18 January 2019
Library opening times
Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery

Drop in events

Locations where you can view the consultation documents in person
Date Location
Thursday 6 December 2018 Bradley & Colnebridge WMC, Colne Bridge Road, Huddersfield HD5 0RH
Monday 10 December 2018 The Room, Brighouse, The Old Town Hall, Thornton Square, Brighouse HD6 1EA
Tuesday 11 December 2018 St Thomas Church Bradley, St Thomas Gardens, Huddersfield HD2 1SL
Wednesday 12 December 2018 Huddersfield Town Hall, Corporation Street, Huddersfield HD1 2TA
Monday 7 January 2019 The Roberttown (former WMC) Roberttown Lane, Liversedge WF15 7LT
Tuesday 8 January 2019 Battyeford Sporting Club, 443 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield WF14 0EE
Thursday 10 January 2019 Bradley & Colnebridge WMC, Colne Bridge Road, Huddersfield HD5 0RH

Supporting information

Current transport schemes

A629 Halifax Road

Project overview

The A629 Halifax Road project is Phase 5 of a package of improvements for the A629 between Halifax and Huddersfield which are being jointly delivered by Kirklees Council and Calderdale Council.

The A629 proposals also form part of a wider programme of transport improvements across West Yorkshire, being delivered under the West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund

The Phase 5 project is aiming to ease congestion, reduce journey times and create capacity on the corridor between Ainley Top roundabout and Huddersfield ring road to accommodate future housing and employment growth needed for the vitality of Kirklees, its neighbours and the wider region.

In early January 2018, the council began engagement with landowners to secure the purchase of land and in June we published the plans and asked for people's views. As a result we have made a few changes to the scheme. Please see 'Supporting information' for further information.

Supporting information

Next steps

The dates below outline the proposed key milestones in which the council is currently working towards delivering the A629 Phase 5 project.

Schedule for the A629 Halifax Road scheme
Date Activity
December 2017 Cabinet Report - WYTF Update
Early January 2018 Write to affected landowners about the proposals.
Mid-January 2018 Submit project proposals to West Yorkshire Combined Authority for approval.
March 2018 to April 2019 Develop detailed project proposals.
4-29 June 2018 Public engagement.
May 2019 Submit project for next approval stage (Full Business Case).
September 2019 to January 2020 Tender project works and appoint construction contractor.
February 2020 Start construction.
August 2021 Construction works complete.
A62 Leeds Road - Huddersfield

In November 2018 we ran a public engagement to gather people's feedback and views about the scheme - thanks to everyone who took part. The project is now being developed to Full Business Case (FBC) stage which includes detailed design following the engagement. We are expecting to submit the FBC to West Yorkshire Combined Authority (who are funding this work) in March 2019. If it is approved, we will then tender for contractors to do the work and announce the start date.

Project overview

Congestion, slow journey times and poor air quality are currently problems along the A62 Leeds Road in Huddersfield. We are working with West Yorkshire Combined Authority to make improvements along the A62, specifically the section between Huddersfield ring round and Old Fieldhouse Lane.

The improvements include big changes at the gyratory outside the Great Northern Street retail park, to remove the complicated system and replace it with a simpler design.

The A62 proposals form part of a wider programme of transport improvements across West Yorkshire, being delivered under the West Yorkshire 'Plus' Transport Fund.

Supporting information

Holmfirth Town Access Plan

Reasons for investment

Reduce congestion, reduce travel times, improve air quality and enhance public realm.

Victoria Street which lies in the centre of town is one of the main areas for shopping activity whilst also providing the pedestrian connection to link Huddersfield Road with Towngate. However Victoria Street can be congested as a result of it functioning as the main transport link between the A6204 and Towngate.

A scheme is being developed to reduce the amount of traffic currently using Victoria Street. This reduction will be facilitated by the provision of a new highway link. The new link will allow for the dilution of traffic over a wider area thus reducing traffic congestion in and around Victoria Street, A6204 and Towngate for the benefit of all travel modes and allow for a much improved pedestrian environment not only on Victoria Street but within the wider area.

More information will follow.

Huddersfield Southern Gateways (HSG)

Reasons for investment

Reduce congestion, reduce travel times, improve air quality and enhance public realm.

The HSG project will be divided into two delivery phases. Phase 1, which will include the following schemes

  • Queensgate - University Hub;
  • Longroyd Bridge (Phase 1); and
  • Lockwood Bar

This scheme will involve regeneration improvements to Queensgate to make it a better area for pedestrians without effecting traffic flow. Highway improvements are also planned for the Longroyd Bridge and Lockwood Bar areas of Huddersfield which are currently challenging for all forms of transport.

More information will follow.

Mirfield to Dewsbury to Leeds (M2D2L)

Reasons for investment

Reduce congestion, reduce travel times, improve air quality and enhance public realm.

This scheme looks at the A644 and A653 transport corridors that start in Mirfield and end in Leeds. Whilst a number of pieces of work have been completed, this study will look at what future schemes will be needed. This will also tie in with improvements to Dewsbury Rail Station which was approved by Cabinet earlier this year.

More information will follow.

North Kirklees Orbital Route (NKOR)

This is a potential road scheme that will improve access to and from the area that could reduce congestion along the route, in particular in Ravensthorpe and Mirfield. Work is now underway to produce an Option Assessment Report which will help us to determine if this is a viable scheme to develop.

More information will follow.

Dewsbury Rail Station Gateway Scheme

Project overview

The Gateway scheme forms just one part of the councils transport interventions which aims to bring about improvements to the town in order to make it more connected and accessible.

In Dewsbury the aim is to achieve a transformational economic overhaul and the transformation of the Station forecourt is a vital first step in helping to attract inward investment to the town by improving a sense of arrival.

Kirklees Council have been working in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Trans Pennine Express to create a new and improved gateway which will benefit the 1.7 million passengers that currently use it every year.

The scheme involves the delivery of a high quality public space that will enhance the station forecourt, enabling comfortable pedestrian connectivity and the conditions for efficient transport movement around the space. A series of improvement works will be undertaken by Kirklees Council to transform the Station forecourt.

Improving the station forecourt

The function of the current layout is complicated, unattractive and offers no sense of arrival into the town. The Station is a key gateway into Dewsbury and a fundamental part of the town. The improvements will make a huge difference to the thousands of people who live, work and commute every day.

The proposals

The new station forecourt has been carefully designed to improve the overall customer experience, some of the key changes to the area included -

  • The movement of motor vehicular traffic along the front of the station will no longer be permitted. The reason for this is so there is a better balance between vehicles and pedestrians. This will allow the area to function as a safe and cohesive space so pedestrians and the different road users can operate without conflicting with each other
  • The existing crossing will be replaced with a toucan crossing which will allow for both cyclist and pedestrians to cross safely. The use of a toucan crossing creates a straight across pedestrian crossing which sets a clear pathway in line with main pedestrian desire lines and will offer better connectivity from the station to the Town Centre
  • The new public realm areas on either side of the toucan crossing will be a shared area which will permit the use of cycles as well as pedestrian movement.
  • Better designated parking areas will be incorporated to allow pickup/drop off and to alight /board taxis
  • The free town bus stop will still operate from the station but will be situated on the ring road to allow for easier access
  • Redefined road layout within the car parking areas will be constructed to help ease congestion for vehicles in and around the station
  • The creation of a public realm space adjacent to the entrance of the station which will offer an open and free area for commuters coming into and out of the station.
  • Designated seating areas will be created to allow for a social and interactive environment
  • The creation of raised wall planters will help to connect and define the space and offers a pleasant walkway to the entrance of the station
  • Following key design principles for public spaces we have included the use of material that are attractive and reflects the character of an area. Material such as Yorkstone slab paving; a natural material that is local to Dewsbury and is prevalent throughout the town has been included.
Dewsbury Rail Station plan


The programme of works are due to start in Summer 2018 and will take around 6 months to complete.

Please be advised that construction works may result in delays to journey times.

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