Reasons for investment

The southern corridors to Huddersfield experience delays, queuing traffic, and limited facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. These routes are often severely congested at peak times, which makes travel difficult, and travel times unreliable and slow. The scheme aims to reduce congestion, reduce travel times, improve air quality and enhance public realm.

Project overview

Plans have been developed to improve four key locations on busy routes to the south of Huddersfield town centre. The four locations are:

  • Queensgate - Huddersfield Ring Road, linking to Cross Church Street and Shorehead Roundabout.
  • Folly Hall - A616 Lockwood Road / Chapel Hill junction with B6432 Colne Road and St Thomas' Road
  • Longroyd Lane - A62 Manchester Road junction with Longroyd Lane and B6432 St Thomas' Road
  • Lockwood Bar - A616 Lockwood Road / Bridge Street / Lockwood Bar / Albert Street / Crowther Street

Folly Hall

The construction of Folly Hall is well underway and includes improvements on Queen Street South and Folly Hall itself. Works began on site in June 2021 and we are now entering the final stage of construction, which is the re-surfacing stage, and is programmed for January 2023. We anticipate the works will take 3 to 4 weeks depending on the weather.

In order to undertake the resurfacing works it will be necessary to divert traffic.

Supporting information

Map of Folly Hall diversion routes

Folly Hall diversion routes

Map of Folly Hall site boundary

Folly Hall site boundary

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) local consultation

Residents and business owners in properties close to Longroyd Lane are invited to provide comments on the proposals (B) Longroyd Lane. Please note the limited use of shared pedestrian and cycle spaces, needed to connect the protected walking spaces, and separate protected cycling spaces, to the proposed signal crossings, which are for both pedestrians and cyclists. Please also note that the proposed side road access to the private site north of Longroyd Lane, is intended to be constructed with a set of double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) traffic regulation order (TRO) to protect two-way traffic movements. Please send any comments to

Lockwood Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) local consultation

Residents and business owners in properties close to the planned changes are asked to provide comments on the proposals.

Please review the proposed TRO plans and if you have any comments, please share them with us by emailing

The TRO plans show the proposed restrictions and modifications to the highway which will be legally enforceable. A description of the proposed changes can be found at the Lockwood TRO description

Those who have seen the design layout in December 2021, may notice that there are changes to drawings Lockwood plan 1 (HD/2/64313/LC-1B) and Lockwood plan 2 (HD/2/64313/LC-2B) where the yellow line road markings at the side roads' junction and the controlled pedestrian crossing near the school has been relocated to the other side of the new junction. If you have any comments on these minor amendments, please let us know.

TRO plans

Parking, waiting and loading restrictions

Longwood TRO 1


Longwood TRO 2


Movement restrictions

Longwood TRO 3


Traffic calming

Longwood TRO 4


New general layout drawing (Lockwood)

Lockwood Plan 1

Lockwood plan 1 (HD/2/64313/LC-1B)

Lockwood plan 2

Lockwood plan 2 (HD/2/64313/LC-2B)

Supporting information

Project timeline

Timeline for Huddersfield Southern Corridors
Date Event
September 2020 Submission of planning and list building consent
June 2021 - June 2023 Folly Hall construction period
December 2023 - March 2025 Longroyd Lane and Lockwood construction period (subject to funding approval and consents)

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