Huddersfield town centre has bus gates on two main public transport routes. They are placed where traffic congestion has been a problem, causing buses to be late.

Bus gate enforcement

Areas covered by bus gates

The bus gates cover these two town centre areas on all days:

  • Market Street to High Street (from 10am to 4pm)
  • Market Street junction of Westgate; St George's Square; Westgate and Kirkgate (8am to 6pm)
Bus gates map

More about bus gates

  • Bus gates were introduced on 1 February 2016. They are enforced using camera technology which captures the registration number of vehicles that are not authorised to use the bus gates.
  • A fine, called a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), is sent by post to the registered keeper or owner of the offending vehicle.
  • The penalty charge is £70. This is reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days.
  • Vehicles that are allowed to use the bus gates are local buses, hackney carriages and cycles.
  • Operating times of the bus gates are shown on signs at each location. They operate on all days.
  • Other signs are provided on the approaches to the bus gates. These indicate a route that drivers can take to avoid the enforcement cameras.

Alternative routes around the town centre

There are a number of alternative routes around the town centre where you don't have to go through a bus gate. This map shows where the bus gates are, and some suggested routes:

Bus gates map

Town centre improvements

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has provided funding for transport infrastructure improvements across our region. Cities and major towns across West Yorkshire, including in Kirklees, are carrying out traffic schemes. These include improvements to paths, benefits for cyclists and bus priority schemes.

Kirklees Council are also making improvements to Huddersfield town centre, following feedback from town centre users.

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