Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Events at Kirklees town halls

Check if an event is cancelled on Kirklees Town Halls Tickets . Please don't contact us about events and tickets. Our team is very busy at this difficult time and we are currently inundated with enquiries.

We appreciate that many of you have questions about forthcoming shows and concerts. We will be in touch with ticket holders for forthcoming events in the very near future. If you are a hirer or promoter we will also be in touch shortly.

Refunds for cancelled events

  • If you bought tickets for one of these events directly from Kirklees town halls box office you will receive a refund
  • The card you used to purchase the tickets will automatically be refunded
  • If you paid for your tickets by cash we will get in touch to make arrangements
  • Please allow up to one month for refunds to be processed.

Visiting Kirklees town halls

All visitors should follow the latest prevention and health advice.