We work with children who are presenting with complex learning needs and/or developmental delay.

What the service does

We are a referral based service who offer support, advice and guidance about children's learning needs to parents and families, pre-school and day care settings, childminders and children in mainstream school up to the age of 7.

We offer 3 strands of service:

Home Portage

Our home Portage visitors work in partnership with parents and carers to identify what is important to them and their child and plan goals for learning within the home. Teaching targets are delivered through a small steps approach based upon the Portage and Early Years Foundation Stage principles, usually through weekly visits to the home. Empowering parents to support their child's learning is central to home Portage. Information sharing and early education support can be offered by our home Portage visitors to early learning and childcare settings children may also be attending.

Inclusion support within settings

Our Inclusion officers work in partnership with parents, carers and practitioners within early learning and childcare settings. Through a consultation-based approach early learning needs will be identified and appropriate strategies for teaching will be planned. Teaching is delivered through a small steps approach based upon the Portage and EYFS principles. Our Inclusion officers also offer support with identifying and accessing appropriate childcare for children who have a complex needs.

Portex teacher support within schools

Our Portex Teachers work in partnership with parents, carers, class teachers and SENCOs within maintained mainstream schools. A consultation-based approach is used. This identifies early learning needs and the strategies for teaching. Teaching is delivered through a small steps approach.

How to use the service

A referral to the early years special education needs service can be made by parents, childcare practitioners, schools and health and social care professionals by using the form below:

Contact Educational Psychology and Early Years SEN Support Service

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