Disabled children and young people and their families/carers need to have open to them the whole range of opportunities, services and activities that non-disabled children and young people take for granted, for example, voluntary leisure and community based activities such as sports facilities and clubs.

There are a number of services that make up the 'local offer' to families who for some reason cannot access services open to all. Some of these services will be able to be accessed without the need to speak to a social worker or other professional first. Parents/carers will be able to go direct to the service.

However, for some services there will be eligibility criteria; where services or additional support is only provided following assessment of need.

Disabled Children's Service

The Disabled Children's Service will provide a specialist assessment and possibly a care management service to those children and young people and their families/carers where the following complex needs are present:

  • A severe or profound physical disability
  • Significant or profound sensory disability
  • Progressive conditions and complex medical needs
  • Life limiting illness
  • Epilepsy which is having a significant impact on the child's health and development
  • Severe development delay and/or severe challenging behaviour arising from a disability
  • A level of autism that severely impacts on day to day functioning
  • Children with more than one moderate difficulty in learning, communication, hearing, vision, hand function and mobility or personal care will also be considered

Criteria in practice

A disabled child will be eligible for a service if they fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Attends a special school (eg Fairfields or Castlehill)
  • Has a special educational needs statement for severe learning difficulties and attends another type of school
  • Attends a moderate learning difficulty school (eg Longley, Lydgate or Ravenshall) or a mainstream school or college but has more than 1 communication, sensory or physical disabilities or medical difficulties that together have a substantial effect on daily living and so requires constant and continuous support and supervision throughout the day or is dependent on an adapted environment or special technology
  • Has a significant visual or hearing impairment or both

The following are not included in the eligibility criteria:

  • Mental health disorders unless in conjunction with a primary learning, physical or communication disability
  • Social, emotional and behavioural problems not associated with a disability
  • A diagnosis of ADHD or ADD unless in conjunction with a substantial and permanent learning, physical or communications disability

Eligibility will be decided on the basis of the information received from parents/carers, health and education professionals and observations and assessment made by the Disabled Children Service. Where it is felt that it is uncertain whether a child and family/carers qualify for a service, assessment will determine this.

Contact Duty and Consultation Service

  • Phone 01484 456847