If you find it difficult to understand your care and support or find it hard speak up, there are people who can act as a spokesperson for you. They make sure you're heard and are called advocates.

Help they offer

An advocate can help if you:-

  • are finding it difficult or you are unable to understand or be involved in some processes related to your care and support such as assessment, care planning and reviews
  • do not have carer or family member who can support you through the processes
  • are involved in a safeguarding enquiry
  • are a carer of a person with care and support needs
  • a parent of a child with additional needs

They can write letters for you and attend meetings with you.

Support they offer

Advocates will support you:-

  • to understand processes in relation to your care and support
  • to say what is important to you and what you need
  • going to appointments with professionals to make sure your views are listened to and understood and that you understand what is being said
  • to make a complaint if you are unhappy about your treatment, care and support or the services you receive
  • to get in touch with other organisations who may be able to help you
  • to get the support you need to stay safe
  • to make decisions that might be difficult within your family, maybe where there are differences in people's views
  • ensure decisions are made in your best interests if you are unable to make decisions for yourself

An advocate will not

  • give you their personal opinion
  • solve problems and make decisions for you
  • make judgements about you

Advocates are independent of social services and the NHS.

Finding an advocate

Advocacy providers in Kirklees
Website Who they help
Advocacy Kirklees Is a partnership between Touchstone and Advonet. They provide a number of advocacy services:-
  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
  • Relevant Person's Representative
  • Care Act Advocacy
  • NHS Health Complaints
  • General Advocacy
Kirklees Advocacy Service Is run by Touchstone and is an advocacy service for people experiencing mental health issues
Carers count unpaid carers in Kirklees
Services and networks providing information and advice to help you speak up for yourself
Website Who they help
Kirklees Involvement Network Adults with a learning disability can get advocacy support from Advocacy Kirklees and might want to find out more about self-advocacy by being part of Kirklees Involvement Network
Learning Disability Carers Voice An independent network of family carers for adults with learning disabilities in Kirklees
PCAN - Parents of Children with Additional Needs An independent, parent-led forum in Kirklees for all parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs aged from birth to 25 years.
KIAS Kirklees Information and Advice Service Free, impartial and confidential service, working with Parents/Carers, Children and Young People (aged 0-25 years).
Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees Free and confidential information and advice service for older people, their families and carers

Feedback on services

Healthwatch Kirklees are a watchdog for NHS and Social Care services. They gather and represent the views of adults, young people and children living or using NHS and/or Social Care services in Kirklees.

  • They tell services about your experiences of care and hold them to account.
  • They investigate problems and seek solutions
  • They have a say in how local services are delivered and designed.

To find out more, visit Healthwatch Kirklees

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