The Forum members work together to provide a clear consensus of professional advice to education decision-makers, presenting the best and fairest deployment of limited resources.

Public meeting schedule


Principles and terms of reference

The Forum acts as a consultative body on issues relating to:

  • Changes to the local funding formula
  • Proposed changes to the operation of the minimum funding guarantee
  • Changes to new contracts affecting schools
  • Arrangements for the education of pupils with special educational needs, in pupil referral units and in early years provision

The Forum is responsible for decisions on:

  • The amount of funding to be centrally retained within the Dedicated Schools Grant
  • Proposed carry forward of deficits on central spend from one year to the next
  • Proposals for de-delegation of funding from maintained primary and secondary schools
  • Changes to the scheme of financial management

The Forum meets at least 4 times each year, with more meetings if necessary. Meetings are held at Tolson Museum.

Kirklees Local Authority is responsible for the final decision relating to the local funding formula, though it may delegate the decision-making power to the Schools Forum

Centrally-retained funding supports:

  • Pupil growth and falling rolls
  • Schools Forum administration
  • School admissions, organisation and planning
  • Historic pensions commitments
  • School milks administration
  • School safeguarding training
  • Primary and secondary sector commissioning funds
  • Provision for looked after children and support for those not in education, employment or training
  • National copyright licence

De-delegated funding:

  • Free school meals eligibility
  • Staff costs and supply cover (maternity, union duties, public duties)
  • International new arrivals


  • Michelle Lee (Academies) - (Chair)
  • Martin Ridge (Pupil Referral Units) - (Vice chair)
  • Julie Helm (Nursery Schools)
  • Lynn Hill (Primary Schools)
  • Diana Wilson (Primary Schools)
  • Marcus Newby (Primary Schools)
  • Claire Minogue (Primary Schools)
  • Jenny Shore (Primary Schools)
  • Loz Wilson (Secondary Schools)
  • Ian Ellam (Secondary Schools)
  • Anne Lawton (Maintained Special Schools)
  • Catherine Jubbs (Academies)
  • Sarah Wilson (Special Academies)
  • Paul Davies (School Governor Representative)


  • Gillian Collins (ATL)
  • Hazel Danson (NUT)
  • Paula Wescott (NAS/UWT)

Supporting LA officers in attendance

  • David Gearing (Financial Delegation Manager & Minute Clerk)

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