This innovative arts programme will bring a series of art interventions to the town centre.

It forms part of our Dewsbury Blueprint plans to honour the heritage of the town, build on recent investments and revitalise the town centre.

The programme's main aim is to enhance the town through permanent, and temporary art in public spaces, focusing on six key themes:

  • Fabric of Place
  • Playful Spaces
  • Nurturing Creativity
  • Young Innovators
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Reconnecting the Town

The initiative also provides a unique platform for both emerging and established artists to be creative in the public realm.

Dewsbury Arts Plan for Dewsbury Town Centre

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Latest news

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Creative opportunities

Transforming Market, Dewsbury

We are seeking an artist collective to develop and apply a distinctive design to the temporary market. Deadline - Sunday 9 May 2021. More information about the full artist brief and applications is avaiable on the ArtistOpp Dewsbury page.

About the commissions

Current commissions for the programme

  • Created by visual artist Saba Rifat, based in Dewsbury
  • Located in the underpass under Rishworth Road
  • Permanent

Saba's project is the first commission of the programme and will include a new public art feature on the walls of the underpass. Saba's inspiration will come through the exploration of urban surface patterns in the town centre. Saba is currently working with students from Kirklees College, who will contribute to the project. She has also created activities for families to get involved by creating their own surface patterns which can then be used in the artwork.

Sculpting a Continent
Sculpting a continent

This is a joint commission with WOVEN in Kirklees

  • Created by Andrew Warburton, a local designer and maker of hand tufted rugs
  • Located in a seated gazebo in Market Place, opposite the Dewsbury Arcade Shop
  • Temporary 5th - 24th June 2021
Sculpting a continent

Andrew Warburton uses textiles to raise awareness about the increase of iceberg calving in Antarctica as a result of climate change. The textile installation is intended to raise awareness about climate change and hopefully inspire people to make changes to lessen our impact on the environment. The installation includes hand tufting as well as contributions made by the local community in a series of special workshops.

About the artists

In addition to creating beautiful spaces for local people and visitors to enjoy, we are proud to be supporting some of our local, talented artists as well are those from further afield, and the wider Kirklees creative economy. Below is a little bit of information about the people behind the artworks.

Saba Rifat
Saba Rifat

Saba's work includes Printmaking, 3D installations and murals, inspired by ubiquitous geometric shapes observed in nature, science and traditional patterns.

She closely identifies with a circle, the Mother of Shapes, as it is simultaneously organic and mathematical. This provides the basis from which my work arises, using a compass and ruler she can begin to draft patterns. Her creative process then becomes intuitive and playful as compositions evolve from the act of doing and not planning.

She sees patterns as a universal language as they lend to a multitude of possibilities to express emotions, ideas and playfulness through spatial arrangements, repetition, tessellation and colour.

Saba Rifat

Emmeline North
Emmeline North

Emmeline North is an emerging, multi-disciplined artist who is best known for large scale murals and striking surface pattern designs.

Originally working in surface pattern and design for interiors, Emmeline studied printed textiles and surface pattern design at Leeds Arts University. Emmeline now undertakes commissions for mural installations, set designs, displays as well as bespoke artwork for the home.

Emmeline's work blends urban industrial landscapes with the natural environment through design and material application. Spanning both 2D and 3D surfaces and forms, graphic lines and geometric shapes next to biomorphic forms and textures demonstrating a vibrant yet sensitive use of colour.

Emmeline North Designs

Andrew Warburton
Andrew Warburton

Andrew Warburton is a local designer and maker of hand tufted rugs for domestic, commercial and commissioned floor or wall artwork. Working in the industry for over 30 years, Andrew uses locally sourced wool spinners, yarn dyers and suppliers to create one off rugs and carpets.

Area Rugs and Carpets