From a legal perspective, adult social care legislation begins when someone turns 18 years of age. This is when adult social care funded support will replace children's funding if the young person meets set criteria. The specialist adult pathway team and care navigators will have been planning with the young person and their family for this day.

Step 1

You need to meet the eligibility and support criteria for adult social care.

Step 2

A care needs assessment will be completed to consider your strengths and what you need help with.

Step 3

A financial assessment will be completed to find out if you are able to contribute towards the cost of your care.

Step 4

If your assessment shows you are eligible for adult social care you will have a choice of how to receive your personal budget.

Step 5

The next step is to create a care and support plan.

This is a record of how your needs will be met. It will detail the actual amount of money that has been agreed to meet your needs, what your support will be, who will provide it, how much it will cost and how you will manage your personal budget.

It can be as long or short as you like - it just needs to give a picture of what you would like to happen to meet your needs.

At regular intervals Kirklees Council check with you:

  • what is / isn't working
  • what you actually use your personal budget for
  • that it matches what was agreed in your support plan
  • that it is meeting your social care needs
  • if any changes are needed to your support.

Visit Connect to Support Kirklees for ideas about support options.