Giving notice

You must book an appointment to give notice of marriage or civil partnership.

The appointment will last about 30 minutes.

You must both have lived at your usual addresses for at least seven days in the district where you wish to give notice.

The rules for getting married or forming a civil partnership may be different for non-European nationals. Contact us for specific advice based on your circumstances.

What happens at your appointment

Your notice of marriage or civil partnership appointment
What you receive, who should attend and what to take to the appointment


Registrars fees

Book an appointment to give notice

For information about how we store your data please read the Kirklees Registration Service Privacy Notice

Contact us to book

Please give the following details in the email, along with general details of the enquiry

  • Your full name and title
  • Your address
  • Your Email address
  • A contact number
Contact us

After your appointment

You must wait at least 28 days before the ceremony can take place.

The notice is displayed in the public area of the register office during those 28 days.