Casual rents are applicable to new stallholders and those who do not wish to attend the market on a regular basis.

Regular rents are applicable to stallholders who accept a permanent stall each week.

Regular stallholders accrue holidays for their stall at the rate of one day per market day every four months.

Holidays can be taken at any time and no rent is charged for the absent day.

If a regular stallholder does not attend the market and has no remaining holidays left they will be charged full rent for the absent day.

Kirklees markets rents
Location Days Type Regular rent Casual rent
Cleckheaton Market 1st Saturday Farmers £17.00 Not available
Heckmondwike Market Tuesday and Saturday General £12.90 to £14.20 £15.00
Holmfirth Market Thursday and Saturday, plus third Sunday each month General £10.00 to £12.00 £15.00
Holmfirth Market Saturday Craft and food £10.00 to £12.00 £15.00
Holmfirth Market 1st and 3rd Sunday each month Farmers £16.50 Not available
Dewsbury Market Wednesday General £14.20 to £22.20 £21.00
Dewsbury Market Saturday General £14.20 to £22.20 £23.00
Dewsbury Market Friday Second-hand £14.20 to £22.20 £21.00
Dewsbury Market Sunday Second-hand £13.00 Not available
Huddersfield Market Tuesday Second-hand £16.00 to £20.50 £21.00
Huddersfield Market Saturday Second-hand £16.00 to £20.50 £23.00
Huddersfield Market Monday General £16.00 to £20.50 £21.00
Huddersfield Market Thursday General £16.00 to £20.50 £21.00