Thank you for choosing to make your payment online with Kirklees Council.

Please have your latest bill to hand and complete the required information to make your payment.

Cancelling your payment

You can choose to cancel your payment at any time by selecting the 'Cancel' button.

This will take you back to the Kirklees Council home page and all the details you have entered will be deleted.

Using a shared computer

If you are using a shared computer, or if you are using it in a library or internet cafe, you should close down all of your internet browsing windows before leaving the computer to make sure that your card details remain secure when you have finished making your payment.

If you have problems paying online

If the payment confirmation page didn't appear

Do not try to make your payment again without checking your bank statement first, as this could lead to a duplicate payment being made.

Check your bank statement after 24 hours to check if your payment has been taken.

If the payment has not been taken after 24 hours please try to pay again.

If you don't know your account or invoice number

Your bill or statement shows your account or invoice number.

Enter the number exactly as shown on your bill.

  • To pay council tax - enter your council tax account number
  • To pay business rates - enter your business rates account number
  • To pay housing rent accounts - enter your housing rent account number
  • To pay for allotment rent - enter your invoice ID
  • To pay for bins for new developments - enter your SMILE reference number
  • To pay for pest control - enter the reference number
  • To pay general invoices, housing benefit overpayments and education penalty notices - enter your invoice number

If a duplicate payment has been taken

You can request a refund.

Contact details to request a refund are printed on your bill or invoice.