General invoices are for miscellaneous charges raised by Kirklees Council for various services we provide. Mainstream debts like council tax and business rates are not included.

They are payable on receipt and are subject to recovery action if they are not paid on time.

Examples of general invoices you may receive

  • Trade waste services
  • Commercial rents and ground rents
  • Building regulations inspection fees
  • Accommodation charges and care for the elderly
  • Ground maintenance charges
  • Unpaid dinner monies

Ways to pay

Make a payment

Contacting the service that issued the invoice

Details of the issuing service are shown on the top right of the invoice.

Having trouble paying

If you have difficulty paying, it may be possible to arrange to pay your invoice by instalments. Contact the service who issued the invoice as soon as possible.

You can get debt advice from these organisations: Community Directory - Debt advice

Disputing an invoice

If you disagree with any aspect of the invoice you should contact the issuing service.

Late payment and recovery action

Late payment or default on an agreed payment arrangement will result in the council's recovery procedures being followed, which includes the issue of recovery letters.

If the invoice remains outstanding or the agreed payment arrangement is not kept to, this will result in further recovery action being taken against you, including issuing of a county court claim.


If you believe you have overpaid an invoice, you should contact the issuing service (have your invoice number handy).

Once the credit has been verified and providing you have no other debts to the council then a refund will be issued.