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Kirklees Passport

Helping you access services

Having a Kirklees Passport gets you money off some leisure activities and services in Kirklees.
There is a small cost for a Kirklees passport.

Front of Kirklees Passport leaflet

Types of Kirklees passport

There are 4 different types of Kirklees passport. We will help you find out which is the best one for you.

Who can have a Kirklees Passport

You can have a Kirklees passport if you are on benefits, are disabled, or a full time student and live in Kirklees.

How to get a Kirklees passport

  1. You can contact us and we will help you with this.
  2. Or you can apply for a Kirklees Passport online

For more information contact Kirklees passports, please contact us with the details below.

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