Huddersfield's new vibrant Cultural Heart will be a catalyst for change in the town and is the most iconic vision within The Blueprint.

It will act as a cultural heart for the town where families, visitors and residents can congregate and enjoy leisure, arts and music, where activities spill out into a high-quality public space. Crucially, this will bring new people into the town centre.

Proposed changes to Queensgate
Fountains and new buildings in Queensgate
New garden and picnic area

The Cultural Heart and Town Park

Built around Queensgate and the library buildings, the new Cultural Heart will include a library, art gallery, museum and live music venue in the Piazza and Queensgate area. This will be supported by restaurants, bars, cafes and the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

The Queensgate Market building is being considered for the proposed new 700-1,000 capacity live music venue which will also include studios and tuition spaces and is planned to be completed by 2023. As part of the new Cultural Heart, the plans also propose to remove some of the Piazza buildings to create a large, family-friendly open space for people to gather. Kirklees Council has recently acquired the Piazza Shopping Centre.

Queensgate ring road improvements

We want to better link the areas beyond the ring road with the town centre. Improved public space around Queensgate and the opening up of the Piazza to Queen Street will only be part of this ambition. We will also aim to improve the links across the ring road to be easier for pedestrians to provide better access for the university, Cultural Heart and Bates Mill into the town centre.

Market Hall Carpark

There are a number of opportunities here which include new parking, a hotel or a youth zone. Whichever project is delivered at this site, the quality of the design is of utmost importance.