If you are someone who has received a positive decision on your asylum claim and have received notice to leave your accommodation as a result please make an appointment to see a Housing Solutions Officer as soon as possible. We can help you find accommodation and if you have children or are vulnerable due to health problems we will be able to accommodate you on a temporary basis until we find you more secure accommodation.

You can apply to any local authority in the country, however you will need to have a local connection to the area for assistance beyond trying to prevent your homelessness. A local connection is established by having been provided with accommodation as an asylum seeker in that area, have close family ties or you have employment, education or training in the local authority area.

Who we support

The Refugee Move-On Service is for single people who have been awarded:

  • Refugee status in the UK
  • Leave to enter
  • Leave to remain
  • Humanitarian protection
  • Discretionary leave

Support we offer

  • A designated support worker
  • A package of housing related support
  • Help to look for, apply and move into permanent housing within nine months
  • Promote options and choices helping people become independent and self-reliant
  • Your own bedroom in a shared house with others
  • We can support up to 5 people at any one time
  • Help people with leave to remain to integrate into the UK and their local community, use their skills and get involved in new things

Contact us

You can call into one of our customer service centres or use our contact form.

Tell us about your housing circumstances

Clock Completing this form takes 5 minutes

Paperclip You will need to provide your name and contact details.

After you've contacted us

We will contact you with an appointment for housing advice and an assessment of your needs:

What we expect from you

You will be expected to:

  • Meet with a support worker on a regular basis to discuss progress towards your goals and record your achievements
  • Ensure terms and conditions of the licence agreement are followed. If any conditions are breached then the accommodation and support package may end
  • Treat other service users and staff fairly, without discrimination and with dignity and respect
  • Licences can also be ended if there are any incidences of anti-social behaviour.

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