When you make an application to the UK Border Agency for entry clearance into the United Kingdom, you may be requested to obtain an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants for the proposed accommodation.

What a property inspection is

People immigrating to the UK from outside the EEC must confirm that the housing they're moving into will be suitable.

A property assessment is to ensure the property is safe, in a good state of repair and doesn't pose a health and safety risk. It will also assess whether the property would become overcrowded if any more people were to move in. If the property meets the required standards then we will issue a confirmation letter which can be used as part of a visa application.

Housing property standards

When completing the property inspection the following standards are required:

  • the property is safe, in a good state of repair and doesn't pose a health and safety risk;
  • the property does not share a bathroom or kitchen with another household - unless they are from the same family as the person(s) coming to the UK;
  • the property is owned or occupied exclusively by the sponsor / sponsor's family (the property is not suitable, if it is shared with members of another family);
  • the property if rented has a copy of a current gas safety certificate (your landlord should provide a copy to you every 12 months);
  • the property has enough rooms of adequate sizes so it won't become overcrowded if more people move in

When and who should apply for an inspection

  • you are the sponsor of the person(s) coming to the UK;
  • the person(s) will arrive in the UK within the next 12 weeks;
  • you agree to send a confirmation letter to the appropriate authority to support the application.

Once the inspection has been undertaken the sponsor should include the confirmation letter as part of the visa application to the UK Border Agency .

How to apply

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need:-

  • yourself (sponsor) contact details;
  • the person(s) entering the UK including name, age, and relationship to the sponsor;
  • the property they intend to live in, including full address.
  • be able to make a £60 payment via Visa Debit, ViSA, MasterCard, Maestro
Apply for an immigration property inspection

After you've applied

If you complete the form and do not meet the conditions we can not refund your payment.

Once we have received the application form we will contact you within 7 working days to arrange a date and time for the inspection.

Following the inspection a confirmation letter will be sent to the sponsor within 7 working days which will state:.

  • the name(s) of the person(s) seeking entry to the UK;
  • the address of the property inspected;
  • who owns, and who occupies the property
  • how the property is occupied, and by whom;
  • whether the property provided a safe and healthy environment for a potential occupier or visitor at the time of our inspection;
  • whether the property would be statutorily overcrowded by the addition of the person seeking entry to the UK;

This can then be used as part of your visa application.

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