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COVID-19 cases - Overview and map of cases in Kirklees

As of Sunday 23 January:

Number of confirmed Kirklees cases: 104,855

Cases in the last week: 4,977

Weekly rate per 100,000 people: 1,128

Cases in weekly rate since previous week: -24.4%

Latest rank out of 149 upper tier local authorities: 34

These figures are updated daily between Monday and Friday.

National government data

About the data

A relatively small number of cases can make a large difference to rates and this needs to be considered when looking at weekly changes and comparisons with other areas. It's very difficult to say for certain what the reason for any increase might be. What the data does tell us, is that this is not over.

Please continue to be vigilant and cautious. We still have to wash our hands regularly with soap and water.

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