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National Lockdown restrictions begin to be eased from Monday 8 March

COVID-19 restrictions in Kirklees tells you more about what this means.

Key contacts, resources and information to share with your community

Government advice
Social media advice

Social media is a valuable tool at a time like this, but it can also contain mis-information and rumour, which isn't helpful. These sites are regularly publishing the latest factual advice and information:

Kirklees Council

Other official sources

What you can do as a community

COVID-19 Mutual Aid

Support for local community groups organising mutual aid through the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK.

What you can do

Your communities are strong and resilient and there are simple things you can do to help them continue to thrive:

  • Check in - on any vulnerable family, friends and neighbours. Sometimes just helping them with their shopping and checking they have everything they need can make a big difference
  • Contact - If you know someone who is self-isolating, contact them via phone or text to check that they are ok. By its very nature, self-isolation is a solitary experience and their wellbeing will likely be improved by talking to someone.
  • Community point of contact - appoint someone in your community/neighborhood as the main gatherer of information so that everyone in your area gets access to the same and most accurate information
  • Stay factual - please be mindful with your comments and actions, so as not to cause undue concern or anxiety within your community. If you hear mis-information that may cause issues, respectfully challenge if you are able to.
  • Be respectful - of anyone you know who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 as it is likely to be an anxious time for them. Due to patient confidentiality their details will not be publicly confirmed, so please do what you can to respect and protect their privacy, and do not speculate with the local media or on social media.
  • Social distancing - PHE has advised people who are self-isolating to do what they can to avoid visitors to their home and any deliveries of groceries, medications or other shopping to be left at the door. Please ensure that this advice is followed when providing support.
  • Be safe - unfortunately some individuals may look to take advantage of the vulnerable in our communities. Please look out for one another and report any suspicious behaviour to West Yorkshire Police using 101 for non-emergencies and 999 in case of an emergency
Stay safe
How to keep in touch
  • How to set up 3 way calls on BT
  • How to set up 3 way calls on Virgin Media
  • Meet Up Call: The organiser needs an internet connection to set up the account and arrange the call, but all other participants can join without internet. Meet Up Call offers a free account for the first 5 calls, and you can arrange for people to be called by the system, so all they have to do is answer their phone at the agreed time. Start the trial (no payment needed) . Find out how to use the system.
  • Facebook messenger allows you to have a phone call with up to 50 people at once. You will need an internet connection and data to join in. Start a video chat
  • Zoom is a free call/video conferencing tool. The person setting up the call will need to have internet, but others can call in using a freephone number (no internet needed) or click a link to join the call with video or audio (internet connection needed). Unlimited 1:1 meetings on the free plan but 40 minute restrictions on group calls. How to use Zoom
  • Skype has a personal plan which is free to use and is suitable for use at home and for smaller businesses for up to 20 employees. Great for video chats!
  • Google Connect is free video calling for up to 10 people. Only available on Google Chrome and the host needs a Google email to set a call up.
  • - video calling. Up to 5 people can share their screens but up to 1000 people can dial in on the call. Requires an app to download to join in. People on the call will pay for the call if using a mobile but it is free to join the call from a landline or the internet.
  • Why Pay? - Telephone conference calling. Costs of the phone call comes out of any free minutes you have on your phone, then charged at the same cost of a local call. No monthly fees for basic plan and all other plans are currently free for the next three months.
  • Powwownow Unlimited telephone conference calling. Each person on the call pays for their own call costs (12.5p + VAT per minute per mobile, 5.8p + VAT per minute from landline.
  • Facetime - free audio and video calling over the internet. Only available for people with an iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Facebook - Social networking site. Online text chat functions on direct messages for friends. Need a user to log on and use.
  • Twitter - Social networking site. Online text chat functions on direct messages for friends. Need a user to log on and use.
For teachers, parents and young people

Department for Education coronavirus helpline:

Covibook for children - Short book to support and reassure children, under the age of 7, regarding COVID-19.

Advice for educational settings

UNICEF: How to talk to your child about Coronavirus

Get in touch with COVID-19 Community Response if you need support:

COVID-19 Community Response

Support for local groups, organisations and volunteers:

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