There are plenty of walking routes and public rights of way for everybody to enjoy the views and get fit. There are also plenty of activities that everyone can join in with including grouped walks and volunteering.

Search for walking and cycling routes

  • Find a route in a specific area, by distance and by difficulty.
  • Includes Pathways to health and walking routes which generally take less than an hour.
  • Each set of Pathways to Health has up to four different routes to follow, taking from about 15 minutes to an hour to walk.
Search online

Search through an estimated 3000 walks throughout the UK,including maps, directions and descriptions for each on the Walking Routes website.

Public rights of way

  • Search for public rights of way
  • Look up the laws and rights of access
  • Report issues with rights of way

Walking activities

Keep fit and healthy with grouped session walks, guided walks and events in Kirklees.

Short group walks

Walks of up to an hour led by a qualified, volunteer walk leader. These are great for people who have previously done little or no structured walking for their health.

Nordic walking

Nordic or pole walking is a fun and social walking activity. Using poles provides upper body exercise and reduces the stress on knees and other joints

Walk leader training

Become a volunteer walk leader and introduce others to the benefits of regular walking. The course is free and lasts one day in which you will be provided with the skills and knowledge you need to lead health walks or establish new walks in Kirklees.

Walking and cycling framework

Kirklees Council, and partners, have an ambition to increase the numbers of people walking and cycling. The Strategic Framework supports the council's economic and joint health and wellbeing strategies and compliments a range of partner policies and strategies.