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Renting an allotment

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You can view map of all the available sites within Kirklees. Most allotments have access to a water supply and there are about 1,874 allotments in Kirklees on around 100 sites, the majority of which are about 200 square yards.

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After you've applied

If there is a vacant plot you will be given the contact details of the site secretary who will show you the vacant plot and outline the rules and regulations.

If there are no vacant plots your name will be added to the waiting list for that site and you will be contacted when a plot becomes available.

Your tenancy agreement

The conditions of renting an allotment are fully explained in the tenancy agreement.

Bonfires on Kirklees Council allotments

Due to an increase in the number of complaints from residents living adjacent our allotment sites about nuisance fires, we have been asked by the Council's Environmental Protection: Pollution and Noise team to review our fires guidelines on allotments.

Bonfires are now only permitted on Kirklees Council Allotment sites between 1st November and 31st December of that year

  1. Any bonfire is for the disposal of dry garden waste only and no other materials.
  2. No material should be brought from home or elsewhere and be burned.
  3. Any bonfire is only permitted during the hours of daylight.
  4. Any bonfire must be manned at all times.
  5. Any bonfire should only be lit when any wind is blowing away from neighbouring houses.
  6. No bonfire should be lit when neighbours are sat in their gardens.
  7. No bonfire should be lit when neighbours have washing out.
  8. Fires (campfires, fire pits, etc), for social gatherings or otherwise, are not permitted at any time.

BBQ's will be permitted to a limited amount but must have prior written permission from the Allotments section. Any BBQ will only be permitted in daylight hours, must be manned at all times, and must follow the above guidelines to reduce nuisance to neighbours.

Any 'burner' housed in a shed / greenhouse should be DEFRA approved and must only burn smokeless fuel.

Clubs and organisations

Get involved with allotment and garden federations, societies and flower clubs.

Gardening advice and information

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