If you are planning on organising a street party, you can do so by notifying the council of a temporary street closure to hold your party.

Planning your street party

You will need to consult with the Bus Operator (Metro), Police and Highway Network Manager before an application is submitted. Consent of these bodies can either be by letter attached to this form or by signature of the form below, by the appropriate officer. Please note that Metro must always be consulted. They will confirm whether or not a closure will affect a bus route and will sign the form accordingly.

Tell us about a street party

Fill in our simple form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

For events that do not require a road closure, please complete questions 1 to 8 only

Download form

After you've applied

You will need to email the form to highways.ross@kirklees.gov.uk

Details of the event will be sent to the Fire Service and Ambulance Service for their information.

If the event involves a road closure, the form goes to Legal Services to discuss with ward councillors. If it is agreed upon, we approve the road closure order and distribute copies.

Planning tips

Get in contact with the council at least 6 weeks in advance. If your party is in less than 6 weeks, don't let it put you off, you can get in contact with Street Scene. Make sure that everyone who lives on the street, including businesses are aware of the street party.

Street party or large public event

Dependent on the event in which you are organising, there are differences between whether it is a street party or a large public event.

Differences between a street party and a large public event
Street party Large public event
Who the event is for Residents and neighbours only Open to anyone to attend
Publicity To residents only Externally, for instance in newspapers
Temporary event notice Not required (unless it is intended to sell alcohol and/or have certain types of entertainment) Usually needed
Insurance Public liability insurance is optional Required
Risk assessment Should be carried out Must be carried out
Organisation Self organised by residents Best left to professional event planners

Advice for planning your street party

Tell your neighbours

The council cannot give approval for road closures if there are any objections, so you must talk to your neighbours and all local business affected.

You also need to speak to the police and bus operator Metro if appropriate. Their contact details are included in the council's form.

Closing a road

Make sure you fill out the Notification of a street party form and return it 6 weeks prior to your street party (if your street party is in less than 6 weeks, don't let this put you off - just contact the Streetscene team).

Tell us about your party and Request a road closure if you need one in your notification of a street party.

Things to consider when applying for a road closure

  • Emergency services need to be able to get through.
  • There is no cost for road closures.
  • The council has a limited number of Road Closed signs and cones available. We provide them free as long as they are returned undamaged.
  • If additional signs are required, you need to hire them from a hire centre or traffic-management company.
  • Residents who do not wish to be involved cannot be refused vehicle access to their property.
  • If it is bin collection day, make sure your bin is in an accessible place for the refuse lorries.
Licensing and insuring

A temporary event notice is needed if you plan to sell alcohol.

Apply for a temporary event notice

Fill in our simple form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Guidance notes for filling in the form are at the end.

Download form

After you've applied

You should keep a copy of the completed notice for your records.

You must send at least one copy of this notice to the licensing authority and additional copies must be sent to the chief officer of police and the local authority, exercising environmental health functions for the area in which the premises are situated.

Food can be served and sold up to 11.00 pm without a licence.

A music licence isn't needed as long as:

  • your street party is a private party for residents
  • the music has not been advertised in advance to attract people or to make money
  • you remember that music should not be too loud and turned off before 11.00 pm.

Raffles don't require a licence as long as tickets are sold on the day of the draw.


The council does not insist on insurance cover but recommends strongly that obtaining insurance cover is good idea.

A risk assessment, even for a small event like a street party, is a good idea. If possible, have someone who is trained in first aid there on the day.

Decorating and clearing up

Bunting and decorations

Tie bunting to steel lights or trees. Do not tie it to concrete street lights as they are old and we cannot guarantee the condition of them all.

Tie it with string so it can easily be removed in an emergency.

If across a closed road, it must be at least 6 metres (20 feet) high but do not lean a ladder against a streetlight.

Clearing up

Event organisers are responsible for clearing up after the event.