We work with you to source an enthusiastic and diverse candidate.

Our team is available to help connect you to a diverse range of residents from across Kirklees, who are seeking employment opportunities. Our programmes give you access to a work-ready supply of local talent, motivated to find and sustain employment.

We have relationships with candidates who have completed relevant pre-employment training and are ready to join your business in the roles you need to fill. We can also help to screen applications, ensuring that you receive the most suitable candidates for your needs.

We have established relationships with candidates ready to fill current vacancies.

We can:

  • Help you recruit new employees and fill apprenticeship vacancies
  • Help you to develop more inclusive recruitment practices
  • Help you achieve your social value ambitions
  • Offer supported employment programmes to help you achieve your ambitions
  • Review job descriptions to maximise the number of candidates applying
  • Help to screen applications - advertise and shortlist for consideration
  • Support your new employees transition into work through in-work support
  • Work closely with other employment partners to promote your live vacancies

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