17 May 2019: Ravensknowle Park Car park, Wakefield Road, Huddersfield.

The site has been vacated and the area has been litter picked.

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After you've applied

  • We visit the site and try to make sure that the Gypsies or Travellers keep it tidy
  • We may provide waste collection and toilet facilities to ensure the site doesn't cause public health problems
  • If the site is causing problems then we move the people on as soon as we can
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Encampments on private land

If there is an encampment on your land it is your responsibility to come up with a solution. You can agree a leaving date or pursue eviction.

If you agree a leaving date

  • You must have planning permission for a caravan site; or
  • You must be a farmer and the Gypsies or Travellers are helping with the harvest.

If you don't have the right planning or licence agreements to allow the encampment to stay, the council will take action against you to remove it.

If you pursue eviction

  • You must take proceedings to the Huddersfield County Court and Family Court to obtain a court order for the eviction
  • Obtaining a court order takes approximately 10 working days
  • The County Court can advise you on the process.

What the Police do

The Police visit all sites reported to them.

They investigate all criminal and public order offences.

They can only remove an encampment under certain circumstances, such as:

  • if there are six or more vehicles;
  • if there is serious criminal activity or public disorder.