Kirklees Emergency Alert is a free text message alerting system for Kirklees Businesses, operated by Kirklees Council's Emergency Planning Team.

The district of Kirklees has been divided up into nine zones. In an emergency, businesses signed up to the service will receive a free text message. The message will contain information about the emergency and recommended actions businesses should take to help keep their staff, customers and buildings safe.

Who can sign up

Businesses located within Kirklees.

We recommend those who sign up are in a position of authority and able to make organisational decisions, cascading information to others in their business as appropriate.

Businesses who signed up to the pilot do not need to sign up again.


The nine zones are divided up by ward area and postcode.

    • Batley and Birkenshaw
      WF17 | BD11 | BD19 | BD12 | BD4 | WF16
    • Cleckheaton
      BD11 | BD19 | BD12 | WF15
    • Liversedge and Gomersal
      WF17 | BD19 | HD6 | WF14 | WF16 | WF15
    • Batley East
      WF17 | WF12 | WF13 | WF3
    • Batley West
      WF17 | WF13 | WF16
    • Heckmondwike
      WF17 | WF14 | WF13 | WF16 | WF15
    • Mirfield
      HD5 | HD8 | WF12 | WF14 | WF13 | WF16 | WF15
    • Dewsbury East
      WF17 | WF5 | WF12 | WF13
    • Dewsbury West
      WF12 | WF14 | WF13 | WF16
    • Dewsbury South
      WF4 | WF12 | WF14 | WF13
    • Ashbrow
      HD1 | HD2 | HD5 | HD6
    • Lindley
      HD1 | HD2 | HD3 | HD6
    • Greenhead
      HD1 | HD3 | HD2 | HD4
    • Golcar
      HD1 | HD3 | HD4 | HD7
    • Crossland Moor and Netherton
      HD1 | HD4 | HD7 | HD9
    • Dalton
      HD1 | HD2 | HD5 | WF14
    • Almondbury
      HD5 | HD4 | HD8
    • Newsome
      HD1 | HD5 | HD4 | HD9
    • Kirkburton
      WF4 | HD5 | HD4 | HD9 | HD8 | WF12 | WF14
    • Denby Dale
      WF4 | HD8
    • Colne Valley
      HD3 | HD4 | HD7 | HD9 | HX4
    • Holme Valley North
      HD4 | HD7 | HD9
    • Holme Valley South
      HD7 | HD9 | HD8

If you are unsure which zone your business is located please take a look at the Kirklees Emergency Alert Zones map.

Sign up for emergency text alerts


  • Zone number your business is located
  • Your name
  • Name of your business

For example, your message should look like this:

5 Joe Bloggs Joinery Ltd


Phone 07860 098105

If your business is located in more than one zone

You can sign up to receive alerts for more than one zone.

For every zone you wish to receive alerts for, you must send a separate text message.

Emergencies may include

  • flooding
  • fires
  • weather
  • utility disruptions
  • situations which require a business to evacuate or lock down.

About Kirklees Emergency Alert

Kirklees Emergency Alert is an additional service to the normal ways Kirklees Council shares information in an emergency. You can also keep up to date with information through our social media channels.


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Terms and conditions

  • Texts cost one standard network rate message to sign up and to opt-out. All other text messages received once signed up are free of charge.
  • You can opt out of this service at any time by sending the word "Stop" to 07860 098 105.
  • A maximum of four individuals from each business can sign up to Kirklees Emergency Alert.
  • By signing up to the text service you agree that your personal information can be securely stored and processed by Voodoo SMS.
  • For more information on why we collect your data, how it will be stored and how it will be processed please refer to the Kirklees Emergency Planning privacy notice and Voodoo SMS General Data Protection page .

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