'Ask for Angela' is a very simple, yet effective, safety campaign to reduce or prevent sexual violence and vulnerability. The campaign aims to help anyone who feels unsafe, although it's primarily targeted at women.

We're working with National Pubwatch and local pubs, clubs and other licensed businesses in Kirklees to spread awareness of a campaign that helps to keep people safe while enjoying a night out.

How to use 'Ask for Angela'

If you're out socialising in a participating venue and something just doesn't feel right - may be you're getting unwanted attention, you feel unsafe, vulnerable or threatened - find a member of venue staff and ask for 'Angela'.

This code-phrase signals to the member of staff that you need discreet help to get out of the situation.

The member of staff will offer help, for example they could take you somewhere out of public view, make sure you're safely reunited with a friend, see you to a taxi, involve venue security or - in more serious situations - call the police.

Participating venues are encouraged to display material to show they support the scheme, so watch out for it.

Visit Stay safe on a night out, just Ask for Angela for further information.

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