What to do if you can't afford to pay your council tax and other options for paying off your debts.

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Help available if you are in financial hardship

If you can't afford to pay your council tax

Contact us as soon as possible

  • Contact Council Tax
  • We could spread your payments, check your council tax charge is correct, find out if you are due any discounts or exemptions and may be able to make special arrangements for you.

Other debts

There are other places that can advise on different types of debt, like:

  • rent and mortgage arrears
  • credit card debts and bank loans
  • other miscellaneous invoices

They can:

  • Check you are getting all the benefits you may be entitled to
  • Help you to identify the most important debts and take action accordingly. The law gives different creditors different ways of getting their money back
  • Help plan your weekly and monthly budget
  • Draw up a financial statement by looking at your income and outgoings
  • Help you to decide on a plan to deal with your debts
  • Negotiate with the people you owe money to
  • Advise you on court procedures, help reply to court documents and represent at court appearances where appropriate

Where to go for help and advice

Local information

National information