Financial support and debt advice

Get your COVID-19 vaccination or booster jab

COVID-19 vaccination programme tells you who is eligible and how to get vaccinated.

COVID-19 restrictions in Kirklees tells you what restrictions are in place.

Local Welfare Provision

Local Welfare Provision offers help for vulnerable people in short-term crisis with food, benefits, fuel costs and COVID-19 assistance. If food is required it usually arrives the same day or the next working day.

Local Welfare Provision

Household Support Fund

You may be able to apply for this through a recognised advice agency such as Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre, or if you have a support worker they can apply on your behalf.

Test and Trace Support Payments

You may be entitled to a Test and Trace Support Payment if you are isolating because you have been contacted by Test and Trace.

Apply for a Test and Trace Support Payment

Council Tax

If you can afford to pay your Council Tax, it is more important than ever that you continue to pay your bill. If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax or any other bills due to the impact of coronavirus, there is support available.

Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction

You may be eligible for Council Tax Reduction, which is a discount for working age people. It reduces the amount of Council Tax you pay. The size of the discount you receive depends on your income and household size.

  • If you already receive Council Tax Reduction you will receive an additional reduction, up to £150.00, towards your total Council Tax bill. You don't need to do anything, we will deduct this automatically from your Council Tax bill.
  • If you do not receive Council Tax Reduction and your circumstances have changed due to the coronavirus you can apply for it.

Council Tax support

If you are struggling to pay your bill, please get in touch with the Council Tax Team so that we can make sure you are getting all the support you are entitled to.

  • Email
  • We can check your Council Tax charge is correct, find out if you are due any discounts or exemptions and agree an alternative payment plan.
  • We can also look at your arrears so that we consider everything you owe to us and avoid any extra costs or charges.


Make sure you have claimed all the benefits you are entitled to. For working age families, this could be Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Statutory Sick Pay.

  • Better Off Kirklees
    Shows what benefits you are entitled to - such as Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Statutory Sick Pay - and helps you apply for them online. Also advises how to find and apply for jobs.
  • How to claim universal credit
    This is a monthly payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to get it if you're aged 18 or over, on a low income or out of work.
    • Phone 0800 328 5644 if you can't apply for Universal Credit online, or have a question about your new claim


Advice for council tenants

Other housing advice

  • Keeping your house warm and reducing energy bills includes advice, and points you to some of the schemes available.
  • Guidance for landlords and tenants on possession notices, health and safety obligations, repairs and inspections.
  • Mortgages - Some lenders have agreed to offer reduced payments and three-month mortgage holidays to their customers. If you are struggling to pay, contact your mortgage provider for advice.


Get advice on different types of debt

  • Rent and mortgage arrears
  • Credit card debts and bank loans
  • Other miscellaneous invoices.

What debt advice may include

  • Checking you are getting all the benefits you may be entitled to
  • Helping you identify the most important debts and take action accordingly. The law gives different creditors different ways of getting their money back
  • Helping to plan your weekly and monthly budget
  • Drawing up a financial statement by looking at your income and outgoings
  • Helping you decide on a plan to deal with your debts
  • Negotiating with the people you owe money to
  • Advising you on court procedures, help to reply to court documents and representation at court appearances

Better Off Kirklees services

Charities which can help with debt

Other debt advice

Help with school

Food support

Other support

  • Uniform Exchange are providing free school uniforms.
  • Get help with technology
    Parents, carers and pupils cannot apply for laptops, tablets or internet access. You should contact your school for help to access remote education.

Risk of homelessness

Get in touch with COVID-19 Community Response if you need support:

COVID-19 Community Response

Tips and advice on managing mental health concerns:

Mental health support in a crisis
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