This is a £150 energy rebate for most households in Council Tax bands A to D (occupied properties). You can find out more on the Government's website

This payment is not a loan and will never need to be repaid - it's just extra money to help households with their bills.

The online application form is no longer available

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, you may have had an automatic payment directly into your bank account during May 2022 without having to make an application. Please check your bank account for a £150 payment from Kirklees Council before getting in touch with us.

If you haven't been able to apply you will not lose your £150.

If you are eligible and you have not claimed your £150 energy rebate we will credit it onto your Council Tax account by the end of September 2022.

This is to make sure we meet the Government's requirements that all payments must be made by 30th September 2022.

We will recalculate your Council Tax bill and send a new one at the beginning of October 2022. The £150 will show on the bill together with any other payments.

You can request this payment as a refund, but please be aware that your instalments may change again, and you will receive another bill.

If you request a refund now, you will receive the money by the end of October 2022. You do not need to contact us again once you have submitted your refund request.

You do not need to ring us to request a refund, you can do this online on our Council Tax - Request a refund form.

Discretionary payment

The government has also provided a Discretionary Fund.

If you have received a letter saying you are eligible for a Discretionary Council Tax energy rebate payment and you need to provide us with your payment details, please complete this form.

Apply for a Discretionary payment

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need:

  • your payment details

Please note: only those households we have written to will be able to use this form.

Apply for a Discretionary payment

If you have not received a letter but are struggling financially because of energy costs, you may still get help from the Discretionary Fund. Please fill in the simple Local Welfare Provision grant form instead.

Emergency support

If you are struggling financially you may be entitled to some extra support. Please visit Local Welfare Provision.

Be alert to scams

We've been made aware that people are receiving phone calls or emails asking for their bank details to pay the energy rebate. This is a scam. Please do not give out your bank details.

Our team will only email you from

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