Our home insurance policy covers your building only. It's your responsibility to ensure you have contents insurance for your home, we do not cover this.

We offer a low-cost home insurance policy specifically aimed at tenants and leaseholders. It's great value for money and:

  • covers against damage caused by fire, water, theft or vandalism
  • will replace certain items which are up to five years old on a "new for old" basis.

The policy does not require any "excess" payments from customers.

Payments can be made annually, monthly or even weekly at cash offices, post offices or by direct debit from a suitable bank account or by secure payment online.

Contact Homes and Neighbourhoods for further information on our home insurance policy.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers your furniture, belongings and decorations.

We strongly advise that you take out a home contents insurance policy. It doesn't have to be expensive but it could save you thousands if you experience a fire, flood or break in.

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