Are you having difficulty managing your money or paying off debts? Whether you are in employment or in receipt of benefit payments, money issues can affect anyone. We are here to help.

Our experienced money advisors are here to provide free and impartial advice to all our tenants. We offer a wide range of support on budgeting and money management, debt, insolvency, rent matters, negotiating with creditors and a whole host of issues arising from welfare reforms.

Call our Money Advice Team on 01484 414975 or Contact Money Advice.

You can expect a free, confidential and impartial service from the Money Advice Team.

We can help with:

  • Income maximisation - We advise on what benefits people may be eligible for and how they can apply.
  • Redundancy or loss of job - We advise when to make any benefit claims as timing can be crucial. We can also check for any funding or charitable grants that they may be able to access. We can make referrals to our Employment Support Team who can help find alternative employment.
  • Deductions from benefits - We advise on the possibility of getting these reduced or deferred, based on individual circumstances.
  • Enforcement agent or bailiff action - We advise on individual situations, providing urgent telephone advice if required, to try and prevent further action and costs.
  • Rent - In the first instance you should speak with your rent officer. They can refer into the Money Advice Team. We can then prioritise payments and work together to plan a realistic and manageable budget.
  • Council Tax - We advise on claiming council tax reduction and negotiate affordable repayment plans for arrears.
  • Water - We work in partnership with Yorkshire Water so have access to the various tariffs and schemes designed to reduce bills and help clear water arrears.
  • Gas and electricity - We assist with arranging affordable repayment plans and access Energy Trust Funds to alleviate large debts for vulnerable tenants. We also advise on claiming Warm Home Discount.
  • Court fines - We advise on arranging affordable repayment plans and options available.
  • County Court judgements - We assist in the completion of court forms and advise on the processes involved.
  • Non-priority debts - for example: previous energy suppliers, phone, catalogue, doorstep loans, credit cards, etc. We can contact these creditors to offer reduced payment plans preventing further recovery action and costs.
  • Bankruptcy or debt relief orders - We can advise on eligibility or suitability and provide practical support through the process.
  • Charitable funds - If you are experiencing hardship you may be eligible to access charitable funding. This could help to reduce or clear certain debts or to access essential household items not available through statutory funds. We can assist with these applications as they often require third party involvement.
  • Breathing space moratoriums - We can advise individual suitability for this new legislation, offering a 60-day period of breathing space where debtors are temporarily exempt from paying creditors.
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