Find your local children's centre, details of local activities and support for parents, children and young people.

About children's centres

Our services are designed to meet the needs of the local area. We offer parents, children and young people support to help them learn and develop.

These will vary from area to area but typically could include:

Local activities

  • Stay and play
  • Community activities

Help prepare your child for school

  • Access to local childcare providers
  • Child's Journey information pack

Practical advice on health, family and financial matters

  • One stop baby shops
  • Baby clinics

Find your local children's centre

Additional support

Sometimes families need some extra help and support. At these times it is important that the right services are made available. If you feel you need this extra support there are a number of people you can talk to, including:

  • Children's centre staff
  • School staff
  • Health professionals

The types of extra help available include:

  • Parenting advice and guidance
  • Managing children's behaviour
  • One to one and group support
  • Advice on child learning and development