At a cabinet meeting on 26 September 2023, it was agreed that we would consult the public and other stakeholders to review and explore the role and ongoing viability of the council as a provider of supported living care and support services.

Supported Living is accommodation where people hold a tenancy or similar with a care provider providing on site care and support as people cannot live independently. It is similar to, but not the same as, residential care. The scale is much smaller with the accommodation typically supporting up to 8 people. Individuals are responsible for their living costs such as food and utilities (unlike residential care).

Rationale for the proposal

Demand for adult learning disability support in Kirklees is increasing and this gives us the opportunity to review our offer to residents in light of the current financial challenges

The supported living properties are not owned by the council. The housing provider of one of the properties has requested to exit from the tenancy leaving the landlord in a difficult position of managing the tenancy as well as the management of the property. In the case of the other two properties, there have been multiple alternative service options which have been developed that would meet the needs of current tenants.

There are also some individuals whose needs cannot be met currently but through repurposing Brighton Court and Wilton Terrace, we could offer a service to meet other requirements.

Alongside this we are already investing in improving day care facilities for adults with learning disabilities and autism. These facilities will support adults who require support now as well as children who will transition to adulthood going forward.

Providers of care

The council is proposing to review the arrangements at the properties listed below in line with the wider commissioning framework for learning disabilities supported Living:

  • Brighton Court, Heckmondwike
  • The Mews, Mirfield
  • Wilton Terrace, Cleckheaton

Brighton Court in Heckmondwike has 6 flats of which 5 are currently occupied, The Mews in Mirfield has 7 flats of which 5 are currently occupied and Wilton Terrace in Cleckheaton has 6 flats of which all 6 are currently occupied. This represents an average occupancy rate of 84% (as at 01/08/2023).

Brighton Court and Wilton Terrace

There have been a number of alternative service options developed since these services opened which would meet the needs of current residents.

The Mews

The tenants are supported with their tenancy arrangements by a housing provider, Together Housing. Together Housing have given notice to exit from being the housing provider for The Mews.

The proposed changes

The combination of the above factors mean that it is an appropriate time to review the services that are offered by the council across the supported Living services.

The council is therefore proposing the following:

Phase 1:

  • Exiting from being the provider of care and support at The Mews. This is in response to the expiry of the lease on the building.
  • Existing tenants to be reassessed and reaccommodated in suitable alternative accommodation that would maximise available capacity across Brighton Court and Wilton Terrace.
  • Phase 1 of this proposal would be deliverable during 2024/25

Phase 2:

  • Reassessment and reaccommodation of service users at Wilton Terrace into alternative and more appropriate settings.
  • Wilton Terrace would accommodate tenants with more complex and high cost needs.
  • Phase 2 of this proposal would be deliverable during 2025/26

By focusing our provision for adults with more complex needs we hope to bring back those service users who were forced to seek care outside of Kirklees due to lack of local provision that could cater to their needs.

How to take part in the consultation

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Comment on council-run supported living services

After you've commented

Any feedback gathered through the consultation will contribute to the final decision. We will also consider all the economic, environmental, social and legal information available to make sure supported living support in Kirklees is suitable and fit for purpose.

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