You must provide evidence of your short term financial hardship and be able to demonstrate that your business rates cannot be met from other resources.

We can award hardship relief to a limited company as well as to an individual, or groups of individuals in the case of partnerships.

Hardship relief is only granted in exceptional circumstances and will not be granted due to general trading difficulties or the current economic climate.

How to apply for hardship relief

Download and fill in our form. Fill in a separate form for each business rates account.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip You must provide evidence of your hardship to support your application. For example a copy of your last audited accounts, bank statements, cash flow statements or trading accounts.

You must also provide evidence that your hardship is short term and cannot be met from other resources.

If your organisation is not a limited company, provide details of any other income or benefits that you receive.

Download form

After you've applied

We consider several things before we decide if you qualify for harship relief, including:

  • your current circumstances
  • why you need hardship relief
  • the interests of our council taxpayers. We consider the community's financial interests, employment prospects and access to local amenities.

We will contact you or send you an amended bill in around 20 working days