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We are looking for the unsung Recycling Heroes of Kirklees and need your help to find and recognise them. Virtually everyone is doing their bit these days to help combat climate change, look after the environment, and make the best use of our resources. However, some of us are going that little bit further. In fact, some are going a lot, lot further, which is why we need your help.

We are asking people to nominate Kirklees residents of all ages, as well as the schools and businesses that are setting the gold standard when it comes to reducing, reusing, and recycling in Kirklees. If you know a recycling hero, we'd love to hear from you! All we need from you is a statement of 200 words maximum on why you think they should win one of the five awards below:

  • Recycling Hero - To be shortlisted for this award the person should ideally be demonstrating innovative ideas and making a difference in their local community when it comes to reducing waste. The winner of this award will be an inspiration to others to follow their lead and embrace zero waste.
  • Young Recycling Hero - To be shortlisted for this award the young person will be engaged in a number of activities to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. The winner will be someone who is making a positive impact in their local area.
  • School Recycling Hero - To be shortlisted for this award, the school needs to be going beyond the expected curriculum content. The winning school will have built recycling into its operations and learning and where possible, inspiring its students to follow suit.
  • Business Recycling Hero - To be shortlisted for this award, a business needs to be stepping beyond legislation and regulations. It will have built recycling into its business operations and ensure that waste is minimised wherever possible.
  • Recycling Champion Hero - We are looking for a Recycling Champion that is leading by example and doing all they can to encourage their local community to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Recycling Champions are a registered group of volunteers who promote recycling and reducing waste to help create a better environment.

How to nominate

Our panel of judges will be looking for evidence of nominees going above and beyond what would normally be expected of them. For instance, if someone is putting all they can in their green bin, then that would be what we expect from them. If they are taking extra steps to reduce their waste and reuse items and inspire others to do the same, then that would be above and beyond their expected responsibility.

Please give as much detail as you can, our judges can only assess the nominations on the information given to us.

Nominate a Recycling Hero

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes.

Nominations must be submitted before 5pm on 20 October 2023.

We want these awards to be a big surprise to the winners, so please do not let them know you have put their name forward.

Make a nomination

After you have nominated

Once the entries have been shortlisted, we will get back to you so you can share the good news, or we can do that for you if you prefer.

The shortlisted nominees will be invited to an awards ceremony with the Mayor of Kirklees, which will be held in Dewsbury Town Hall in November 2023.

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