A waste of space or more ways to recycle?

As part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency we need to look at our relationship with the things we throw away.

One of the biggest impacts on the climate comes from the way we handle the waste we produce. We need to consider everything from reducing the amount of rubbish that we create, to finding ways to reuse and recycle materials so that we use less energy refining raw materials, and reduce the amount of carbon produced in the disposal process.

Our vision is a clean, green, sustainable future for Kirklees with zero waste to landfill. Kirklees will be a place where waste is valued as a resource through re-use, recycling, and recovery. To achieve this, we all need to take responsibility to the waste we generate and make the best decisions on what to do with it.

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To help us make the right decisions we asked for your views. You can see these views by reading The Future Of Waste And Recycling In Kirklees on Kirklees Together. Now our team are working on our new waste strategy which will go to the full cabinet in Summer 2021.

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