Welcome to #HEARTyourtown. As part of our recovery journey from COVID-19 the council is investing in local artists and bringing colour and creativity to Huddersfield and Dewsbury town centres.

Whether you are out shopping or just taking a walk you'll find surprising artworks on display this August and September.

#HEARTyourtown is a creative response to brighten up Huddersfield and Dewsbury and enhance public spaces to enjoy in a socially distant way.

About the artworks

Below are the artworks you can see in Dewsbury and Huddersfield as part of #Heartyourtown. You can also see more images of the artworks on our new Kirklees Council Instagram .

Breathe Safe
  • By Jane Howroyd based in Holmfirth.
  • Location: St George's Square, Huddersfield., until 14 September 2020

Breathe Safe is inspired by trees in urban areas and the benefits they bring through their ability to capture carbon and improve air quality. As well as drawing the attention to the nature that exists in urban environments such as Huddersfield, this art installation also reflects Jane's passion for textiles and nods to the textiles history of Kirklees.

Hope Springs Eternal
  • By Angela Boycott-Garnett based in Marsden.
  • Location: St Peter's Garden's, Huddersfield, until 14 September 2020.

Angela is fascinated by old traditions, things which have endured because they mean something to people, something to believe in, something to hang onto when all is darkness. In the past there were clootie trees, a tree, usually standing near a holy spring or well. People would hang strips of cloth, offerings for healing, for good luck, for hope in the future. The dome creates a safe space for people to share their story. This is a post-COVID beacon of hope. The dome, like the old clootie trees, can carry messages, wishes and hopes for the future that have been submitted by the public.

  • By Helen Brook based in Lower Cumberworth.
  • Location: Market Place, Huddersfield, until 14 September 2020. Inside the Piazza Shopping Centre, Huddersfield, from Monday 14 September.

RISE celebrates the strength and resilience of our community throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic; whilst also working as a call to action for our community to take responsibility for reducing plastic pollution. Helen hopes that as RISE towers above Huddersfield in a wash of rainbow colours, audiences will take a moment to contemplate the sculptural reflection of their endurance, finding hope and renewed courage in these challenging times. Created from scrap materials and single-use plastic, RISE is a reflection that from what we view as waste, beauty can be created and simultaneously, from darkness can come light.

Window displays at the Piazza

The West Yorkshire Print Workshop presents a flourishing British meadow, complete with plants, flowers, bees & butterflies. The display is created by 2 studio holders Helaina Sharpley & Clare Grace featuring a hand-printed textile backdrop with poppies, daisies, cornflowers & grasses. @wyprintworkshop also welcomes you to the #FlourishAward exhibition of contemporary printmaking by artists from across UK.

Kath Wright and George English from Colouricity have created the world's first indoor 'Healing Helix'. The 'Helix' found throughout nature symbolises evolution, growth and resilience. It takes us on a journey and change of life. 36 colour harmonies in a helix form draw attention to different aspects of self-care to aid improving health & wellbeing - a visual reminder for us to consciously surround ourselves with colour.

Action to Action ame's is a new collaboration piece by ame's artistic directors, Stephen Harvey and Ryoko Akama. A bird flies. A girl stares at it. She trips over. Her mother hangs up a phone to check on the girl. A guy over the phone has extra minutes. He lights a cigarette. A dog barks at smoke. A boy field-records. A lady notices a flower. Pollens disperse. A man sneezes. A woman listens. Her partner laughs... An action is a cause to another. The world is a strand of interwoven occurrences.

CollaborARTi has engaged 5 local artists to create print, textile, photography & mixed-media displays in 5 windows in the corridor of Queensgate Market. Artists include Henry Morris, Natalie Riggan, Helen Cummings, Lindsie Broomhead and Tracy Petri.

The Children's Art School & Chol Theatre are displaying a giant map of Huddersfield, but not exactly as you know it... Local visual artist, Ruth Dyer, brings together an enchanting re-imagined map of Huddersfield town centre. Some of our town's most prominent landmarks can be found amongst children's artworks of imaginary spaces and places within this futuristic green vision of Huddersfield. Local children & young people who have worked with Chol and The Children's Art School are invited to come along to the Maker World window to spot some of their characters hiding in the enormous map.

Garden Stories in Dewsbury and Piazza Shopping Centre in Huddersfield
  • By Ammie Flexen and Kathleen Yore
  • Location: Piazza Shopping Centre window display in Huddersfield and Memorial Gardens in Dewsbury, until 30 September 2020.

These displays of colourful clay flowers reflect how outdoor spaces, gardens and nature have been really important to many of us during lockdown. Ammie and Kathleen drew inspiration from garden models created by the public to develop this beautiful ceramic meadow, which will continue to grow throughout August. 300 children and their teachers took part in the project by making many of the clay flowers in their school bubbles. You can see the mini gardens that influenced the project on the garden stories Facebook page or on instagram.

Hidden Galleries
  • Location: Wood Street, Huddersfield and Foundry St, Dewsbury

Heritage images of the town's industrial and creative heritage will appear in unlikely locations, allowing us to reflect on our shared history.

Wall of Gratitude
  • By Ian Berry and local people
  • Location: Online

The Great Get Together took place 19-21 June 2020 and celebrated the #powerofcommunity. Whilst there wasn't any public gatherings or large events due to COVID-19, the organisers encouraged people all across the country to reach out across the weekend with acts of compassion and connection. One of the Great Get Together activities in Kirklees was an art projection on Dewsbury Town Hall featuring clapping by Huddersfield born artist, Ian Berry and work from people across Kirklees.

  • 50 submissions came from individuals or local artists responding to our call out via email and social media.
  • 27 submissions came from students at Kirklees College.
  • 10 submissions came from students at Staincliffe C of E Junior School.
  • Works from artists Ian Berry and Graeme Bandeira were also featured.
Message Mural
  • By Benaiah Matheson
  • Location: Hoardings on Southgate and Old Leeds Road, Huddersfield

Benaiah Matheson's mural for Kirklees Council highlights the importance of social distancing, while celebrating the qualities that make his hometown special. It comprises figures of people being active, the Huddersfield lion and five keywords that describe the spirit of Huddersfield. A colourful time stamp chooses to be optimistic in the wake of the global pandemic; a reminder that while we have to maintain physical distance we can still hold onto the things that brings us closer - RESPECT - COMMUNITY - KINDNESS - CARING & TOGETHERNESS.

Urban Garden
  • By Saba Rifat
  • Location: Dewsbury Town Hall Apron, until 30 September 2020

This is a bold installation inspired by the wildflower garden at Crow Nest Park. Research has found connecting with nature i.e. green spaces is akin to meditation, good health and a strong sense of community.

The fabricated modular wooden shapes are layered with colour(s) and audible recordings inspired by the vibrant hues and soundscapes of a summer floral garden. Listen out for birdsongs, bees humming, trickling water, rustling leaves, and children laughter, to feature as a soundtrack.

This piece is all about encouraging public sensory engagement, in an urban setting, through curiosity and pause with the abstract shapes, colours and sounds.

Outdoor Gallery
  • Market Place, Dewsbury, until 31 October 2020

WOVEN is a celebration of innovation in textiles across Kirklees. The first WOVEN festival took place in June 2019. WOVEN's theme is generations of innovators, connecting a strong heritage with today's innovative developments in industry, university research, a strong arts and crafts scene and the creative expression of the district's rich and diverse communities.

The next WOVEN festival will take place in 2021. For more information about WOVEN visit WOVEN in Kirklees

About the artists

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for creative professionals, especially as many of them didn't qualify for financial support from the government. In addition to creating beautiful spaces for local people and visitors to enjoy, we are proud to be supporting some of our talented artists and the wider Kirklees creative economy. Below is a little bit of information about the people behind the works.

ame (art music experience) C.I.C.

ame (art music experiment) C.I.C. is an artist-collective organisation that supports contemporary music and art scene in Yorkshire since 2015. They commission both emerging and established performers, composers and artists locally, nationally and internationally. They believe in frequently and affordably delivered concerts, exhibitions, educational and residency programs, working together with other venues and organisations. They run two venues in town - Dai Hall and Sho Hall.

Ammie Flexen

Ammie has worked as a community artist and arts manager since the early 1990s working in visual arts and theatre. After a number of years specialising in early years arts research and delivering work with families in visual arts and theatre, it was time to return to her clay roots and she set up The Clay Mill in 2018 from an empty derelict mill space in Slaithwaite.

The Clay Mill Pottery Facebook

Kathleen Yore

Kathleen works as a director, performer, and maker, inspiring and invigorating people through theatre.

She is artistic director of 'Odd Doll', creating magical performances for all people in all spaces. Using puppetry, clown, mask, animation and original music, her work is made out of a desire to transport people into different worlds, telling visual stories, exploring themes and experiences that touch us. She is associate artist at Cast and Harrogate Theatre Royal as well as long time Giggle doctor for UK children's hospitals specialising in interactive improvisation, play and laughter therapy. Kathleen loves a good surprise and plenty of celebration!

Kathleen Yore

Benaiah Matheson

Benaiah Matheson is an artist who bases his work on a simple statement - BE YOU ALWAYS.

From this personal commandment and invitation, he has unpacked an interest in continuous line drawing, of which he has developed his own unique style. The resulting artwork is often abstract yet playful and be has painted onto everything, from cars and walls to pregnant friends and golf balls.

However, clothing is a canvas on which Benaiah's work is at its most dynamic. The namesake clothing brand features his own symbolic alphabet and is an intersection of everything he is curious about - art, military clothing and workwear, curiosities, food, fitness, music and family heritage.

Angela Boycott-Garnett

Most of Angela's creative work is with people, she believes we all have the capacity to be creative and one of the most important elements in her workshop is giving people permission to play. One of her greatest pleasures is being midwife to others creativity whilst exercising her own.

Creating meaningful celebrations for community using ceremonies where people interact and contribute is salient to her practice. Her art encompasses all things creative; events, stories, sculptures, giants and secret gardens.

As the organiser of Marsden Imbolc Fire Festival, Angela's creative process involves anything from making props and fire sculptures to delivering workshops and performing.


Chol co-creates stories in everyday community and educational spaces with children and young people from early years to early career. Our practice increases artistic skills, literacy and confidence enabling children and young people from all backgrounds to feel powerful and connected.

The Children's Art School

The Children's Art School promotes and provides high quality visual arts experiences for children and young people across Kirklees. Through hands-on creative fun, which encourages experimentation, imagination and problem-solving, we teach children and young people they can change their world.

The Children's Art School

Ruth Dyer

Ruth Dyer is an artist and designer specialising in making young people's ideas come to life. Although drawing is at the heart of her practice, Ruth loves to make too; sets, props. costumes, meals, installations... anything is possible. Collaboration is also essential to the way she makes work with people who do and don't (yet) consider themselves to be artists.


CollaborARTi is a group of artists that between them offer a good range of creative arts and crafts activities, that have proved beneficial to participants wellbeing and can help combat social isolation.



Colouricity creates artwork, installations, products and workshop experiences that harness the power of colour to aid self-care, inspire creativity, increase energy, help manage emotions and improve mood, shape our environment and improve general wellbeing


Helen Brook

Helen uses her creative practice to express social and environmental concerns, whilst simultaneously aiming to provide moments of contemplation, inspiration and joy for viewers of her work.

Her background is in the study of the convergence of art, psychology & science in order to create political, social and environmental change. She has studied and seen first-hand the positive effects that engagement with the arts and culture can have on individuals and communities; creating opportunities for communal reflection and the convergence of ideas. Through her creative practice, she aims to minimise my environmental footprint, often using scrap, found or recycled materials.

Helen Brook

Jane Howroyd

Jane Howroyd was born in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire in 1980s. Growing up surrounded by the legacy of a strong textile landscape, she has always felt a powerful connection with her industrial past and the rural landscape of Yorkshire. Through her art, she tries to capture the moment in the constantly changing world around her.

After leaving school, Jane completed a Master of Textiles from The University of Huddersfield and a PhD from the School of Design at The University of Leeds.

Jane now delivers a range of creative workshops, specialising in hard-to-reach audiences. Since the Covid-19 lockdown, she has exhibited coronavirus-inspired art nationally and internationally.

Jane Howroyd

Saba Rifat

Saba's work includes Printmaking, 3D installations and murals, inspired by ubiquitous geometric shapes observed in nature, science and traditional patterns.

She closely identifies with a circle, the Mother of Shapes, as it is simultaneously organic and mathematical. This provides the basis from which my work arises, using a compass and ruler she can begin to draft patterns. Her creative process then becomes intuitive and playful as compositions evolve from the act of doing and not planning.

She sees patterns as a universal language as they lend to a multitude of possibilities to express emotions, ideas and playfulness through spatial arrangements, repetition, tessellation and colour.

Saba Rifat

West Yorkshire Print Workshop

West Yorkshire Print Workshop is an arts organisation specialising in printmaking. They provide open access print facilities to professional and amateur artists, alongside subsidised artists' studios, a gallery and craft shop showcasing printmaking in all its forms by a range of local, regional and national artists.

They provide engaging and inspiring learning programmes for adults, children, young people, schools, colleges and other organisations in Kirklees, supporting a thriving creative community located in Mirfield.

They aim to be a nationally recognised centre of excellence in the art of traditional, contemporary and innovative printmaking: promoting an inclusive community of professional practice; embracing artistic and technological change; and advancing knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts.

West Yorkshire Print Workshop